Elvis Cockatoo talking, what are you doing, rub that bird, go potty… yes, he’s working on potty training!

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      Elvis cockatoo

    • Helly Jenkins

      can't really understand what he is saying…..

    • myke kincaid

      i love cockatoo's their my favorite type of bird

    • TangTang

      Teacher scolding student who didn't hand in homework XDXD

    • Lena Wiggins

      wow!! i thought my umbrella "Bella" was accident prone. sounds like your bird is too. Bella can just be walking on the sofa (not paying attention) and fall of. then she laughs very hard and loud!! lol

    • chungwah cancion

      you got schooled, repeatedly, damn!

    • isabella morgan

      did you go to school

    • Lily Spenser

      LOL! He's talking… can you fly?

    • Alex Russo

      This bird is beutiful but I don't see anything super smart about him

    • MNTornado Don

      Our Angel is already potty trained. That was the easy part. Getting him to say the word POTTY is proving to be much tougher. Angel starts dancing and saying Pretty Bird when he need to go home to go potty. Go figure….

    • golfmaniac007

      @OneCrazyHouse thats not a bird….its a cockatoo

    • TheDisturbedMushroom

      wow this individual is really beautiful

    • bubblyboord

      Everyone calm down yes I know taygray86 should've known a cockatoo is a parrot but why does it really matter??

    • desvio2000

      @taygray86 The hooked bills are what make a bird a parrot. They are definately the weirdest parrots out there, check out the black palm cockatoo, they look like they are from mars.

    • TheMuffinBurgler

      @PAFC2004 Aaannnd those species are part of the parrot family. So they're right. A cockatoo is part of the Psittaciformes family, which are . . . you guessed it, parrots.

    • ArtVandelay

      To the person who said a cockatoo is a species of parrot – wrong. There are numerous species of cockatoos.

    • 247Dogsrock

      He looks constapated. LOL you and me brother bird.

    • johnhardy6199

      looks like the villain from Rio XDD

    • harley lamont

      I love how he's just sawying back and fourth

    • Pantbera

      What on earth is that bird trying to say? I can hardly make out anything! African Greys are the most intellegent parrots of all! They can talk like humans and understand everything they say. All this have already been proven with great biological and other scientific experiments. Congo and Timneh African Greys (CAG) (TAG) fall under the category of some of most intelligent animals. They've proven this with Alex the Parrot and Einstein the talking parrot. You can't compare this bird with them.

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