Snowy, an umbrella cockatoo, has a vocabulary of over 200 words. He’s a rescue, and sometimes seems more human than bird.

    9 replies to "Snowy, aka “The Yenta” (Talking Cockatoo)"


      You have an adorable bird. How did yu train your bird to say I have poo poo?

    • Jon Snow

      The other one casually puts its beak under her top and pecks at her breasts lmao

    • rene durney

      how sweet i have a rescue cockatoo and hes cool and finally showing his personality lol

    • Onurcan Tokuş

      karı kokana amk

    • Camila Paz Muñoz Zanzi

      the other cockatoo tried to get under her shirt

    • Toekoe Cockatoo

      This is so nice to watch!Thank you for sharing!!!

    • KakapoLover

      show some footage of her!

    • funkyaxx

      Wow amazing, 🙂 we have a 18wk old umbrella called Angel and a Galah cockatoo & 2 ducorps cockatoos they are the best pets ever it's a blessing to own parrots

    • Molly Mango

      im a pretty birdy?lol too adorable. im gonna get a cutie cockatoo when i get my own house haha

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