Chi chi shows off his amazing soccer abilities, while pebble natters away.

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    • William Marcoux

      Wow you guys rock. Do you guys work full time and rescue all these birds ?

    • Liru Larula

      Canada wins 6- 0 ! Thx to Bebbly

    • Elena Bezina

      Потрясающий попугай !!! Не только говорит, но прекрасно играет , как спортсмен носится с игрушкой – погремушкой. Хозяину Респект !!! Хорошая съёмка и интересный сюжет !! Спасибо за ролик.

    • Mary Chambers

      Wait—Someone actually hit this bird with a racket? I will never understand this. How could someone hit a bird? Word of advice to all the assholes out there—if you are not prepared to put your pets needs before your own –do the world a hugh service by not "owning" a animal. I would love to get my hands on someone that hits a bird with a racket – useless cowards.

    • vinjulieann1

      Is the bird playing or trying to crack the toy open like a nut?
      Love watching your videos of the birds.

    • ThePeoples Herbalist

      Pebble looks really happy!

    • Chantal Aitchison

      I can't stop watching! LOL she is so sweet! And Pebble narrating is the cutest! Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.

    • Idnic Tsal

      I had a cockatiel that would whistle the Smurf's theme song and say to our then 6 year old daughter not touch-he would shriek "Jade don't touch the bird! Jade don't touch the bird!" and called the cat-"hereeee kitty kitty kitty, here kitty kitty kitty-was hilarious

    • nottyler

      yes chi chi!! wonderful soccer skills!! beautiful form!

    • I am Rubick, the Grand Magus

      How many parrots you have :3

    • Customer Service

      What kind of camera do you use?..

    • Derik Stowell

      One question: does this bird curse at any point in this video??

    • Vito 757 Ghost

      Dont most birds like the ones you have , have a limited vocab that they can learn, like 10 or so maybe less? I am interested in one but dont know much… All I know is If I could take care of a doberman pinscher, I am sure I can handle these majestic creatures..

    • Fan of Pebble Fan of Pebble

      Loyal fans of Pebbles, did you guys and girls notice that videos like this one where goofball chichi plays soccer and Pebble natters cute things is never gonna go virus on the internet. Three of her videos that went wild involve Pebble swearing "a bit" extensively or laughing hysterically (some trolls commented on Pebble being on drugs cuz of her crazy laugh!). On one hand, I am sure all of us real fans want Pebble's videos to spread to make more people smile, on the other hand, it invites a bunch of disgusting trolls and meanies to attack Kelly and Treena when they know ABSOLUTE NOTHING about Pebble and her family and her bond with Kelly. This makes me really sad… Sad human society…but the good thing at least is I think there are more supporters than haters

    • Chantal Aitchison

      That is too cute. Where is your website? I would like to know more about your rescue. Maybe one day come and visit

    • Lukas the Huskies adventures

      Hehe adorable as always

    • Uhhmyyuhh Uhh

      Whaaa Whaaa everyone is taking web cam thing a different route.. "We" that would be dew bee and I …we are best friends and we love pebble she is an amazing bird I watch her daily she always makes me smile and
      yaaassss the offer still stands just need to know where to have it mailed and if not I totally respect your privacy as well have a great day everyone ????

    • MegaBirdCrazy

      Chi chi is a bare eyed cockatoo. We're at least her fourth home. she can be agressive and was used as a badminton birdie when she flew. we don't know if that's why she's agressive or not tho. she was saved from that to be in a backroom ignored then saved from that and was worked a lot lot! the lady who brought her to us actually did half the work for us in rehabilitating b4 coming to us. she is a very energetic little one as you all can see. tho chi chi is small, she would run circles around Pebble and kick her butt if we let them out togeather. as Pebble is all talk no action, and chi chi is a machine!

    • Jane Tris

      I'm curious… are there any songs that Pebbles likes?

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