Adopt don’t shop!!!! Pebble came to me this way. She rarely poops on me and will let me know one way or another its time!!

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    • Erica Hager

      Love how he says c'mon dad …. he wants to go for coffee I think lol

    • leela cabier

      Im.pebbie #1 fans

    • TheKrazysinner

      that sound she was making was a mimic of a small yappy puppy along with the whines in between yaps

    • The Hair Studio TARN COLEMAN

      That's a dog in pain this poor girl what she must of went threw OMG people are so cruel.Your a good man Kelly

    • Iahel Cathartes Aura

      It's the sound of a little yappy dog!

    • Sakura Shimatsoko


    • Luna Azul

      just love this vids ?

    • Aztec Girl

      It sounds like my Yorkie barking ?

    • dee welsh

      Yes!!! Adopt don't shop! And don't own a bird if you don't want a bite! And don't buy a bird to live it's whole life in a cage! You and pebbles are so lucky to have found each other……. best of luck to you both, love from England

    • Nikki Fernandez

      Pebble is just too darn cute and HILARIOUS! How old is Pebble?

    • Rebecca Lucas

      She sounds like a chiuaua yapping. I'd love to adopt one if my cats won't try to eat it.

    • Hapu Hapupu

      That is the sound of a small dog

    • Delghe Prieto

      OMG So sorry Pebble is gone, I Just got addicted to Pebble. Love Pebble.

    • Erica Pettit

      Sounds like a Chihuahua

    • Sandy Kelsey

      shes doing a yelping dog when they get hurt ..

    • Lee Readman

      peebles always reminds me of the parrot that was left to my grandmother . the parrot lived in the hotel and the things it said my poor granny, we found it so funny ,my granny wasnt impressed but he lived with her for years

    • LatinASSAZZIN

      lol this bird funny

    • nubbets

      That high pitched noise sounds like a dog in distress. She definitely was around some horrible things in her life before you…

    • sammy11232003

      every time my dog hears pebbles he starts barking up a storm

    • deb boy *Debbie*

      Kelly, Kelly – what are you up to G-damint – we want to know – we want to see you and Pebbles – YOU HAVE TO DO MORE VIDS – now get your ass in gear and do it please – Deb from Toronto

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