Baby, my Yellow-naped Amazon parrot inherited from my parents, has a huge vocabulary. Here are some of her more frequent words & phrases. She’s bonded with my wife… they get pretty chatty sometimes. And even though I’m the old sailor in the house sometimes she gets a little salty!

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    • Matthew

      I’m 90 percent sure this is the bird my mom raised from a chick in 1988. We always thought it was a boy so I will be using “he” when I talk about him. We named him “Baby Bird” because we got him as a chick. It was a trip to hear his voice after about 25 years. A lot of the phrases he says in this video are the same things that I heard him say as a kid. Baby bird would lunge at anyone other than my mother and try to bite. That’s where the “bad bird” phrase came from. That was my dad scolding him. He used to sing La la la Bamba but always got the words wrong. He could sing row row row your boat and I think he even used to yell my name “Matthew!” That was him repeating my mom yelling to me to come downstairs at our house in NH. Baby Bird does this thing when someone is on the phone where he pretends he’s having a phone call of his own. If anything I said sounds familiar then you might have inherited our former pet bird from back before your mother had him and he’s about 34 years old born around 1988. The fact that he remembers his name baby bird after all this time is amazing.

    • Sarah

      I feel like they get so bored,shouldn’t they just be in the wild? I may b wrong, but they seem bored. You’re very kind though to take such good care of it. I bet u inherited it. ❤️‍🩹

    • Tiara White

      something happend to this bird in the past

    • Crio Yaroi

      Her hi sounds just like Max's. He's a cockatoo himself.

    • Tom Keogh

      I had my lovely Lulu for over 40 years my heart is broken.Cherish every second you have with these super intelligent creatures. I miss her so much.

    • Silo 101

      Birds laughing is always so extreme, I saw one where the bird still had the laugh of their old dead owner.

    • Silo 101

      Baby bird that's 50 lol

    • LB Rambo 562

      Master of reverse psychology 😂
      Beautiful bird.

    • Rick Bailey

      He's a HOOT! Quite a charmer isn't he?

    • Vk Travel log

      Wait the parrot is 50 year old! They can live that long?

    • Joyce MCGuigan

      He has a adorable and so smart!! Lol .. just gotta brake the swearing he can’t take Gods name in Vain he must of heard that somewhere 😬

    • spot the Draco🔻

      Secret knowledge ✌❤

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