My pet sun conure talking.

    12 replies to "Sun Conure – Pickle Talking 2"

    • Maria Summers

      Why isn't Pickles in the house? Why do you have him in the basement, and not in the main part of your home?

    • Dana uriostegui

      I have a bird too named Pickle, but he's a blue crown. So cute

    • Megan Lane

      lol that's so cute

    • Rachel

      yea seriously dont start with a macaw, crazy idea. should start with a parakeet mines adorable.

    • malik jones

      my mom is going to help me ive had alot of pets when i was like 6 i know what kind a stuff to get it

    • malik jones

      how do you teach im to talk i wanted a macaw but im watching ths and its making me change my mind

    • zwilhelm

      Is that a full spectrum light? Cant seem to find a good answer if that is necessary or not. Should i get one?

    • vulvette

      it's so weird that anyone would dislike this. some random hater. So cute!

    • morganaj24

      "Pickle!" "Pickle!" Oh, that's just toooo cute.

    • MissRomalyn

      hahah I have a jenday and she likes to mumble stuff, its hard to understand her. Your bird is simply adorable!

    • jaimelyn21

      OMG! What a good talker!

    • Amy Ellis

      What a tweet heart! Very mild and sweet bird! What did you do to make him so mild and get him to talk?

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