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    • Simone DJSimzyLeTech Crandell

      Lol my sun conure yellow talks too its getting him to shut up is the problem haha… But they are so amazing worth every minute of there noisiness! 🙂

    • Vitaliy Kuchvel

      мда.говорун!!!!автор видимо не видел как попугаи разговаривают!

    • Sassystephy33

      It's around 0:18 he says what. THAT'S MY BABY

    • DFK

      errr I think you should rename the video I didnt hear any talking.

    • Sunny Rodrigues

      he was only a couple months old when this video was taken, thats why hes dull

    • WackoKillerDan

      you should feed him more fruits, his colors are kind of dull..

    • Brenleigh Baggett

      I have a conure named sonny too

    • Sunny Rodrigues

      @Allybunn1235 yes he does but i havent gotten a good video of him doing it, he always does it when i dont hive my camera

    • Allybunn1235

      He is a very interesting bird. I have too. Did he atually say "what" though?

    • PInkbun17

      @ExcuseMeSunny Mine Conure does the same thing and it makes him so huggable! ^_^

    • Sunny Rodrigues

      @PInkbun17 He is such a cute bird, he is going crazy right now watching himself on the video

    • PInkbun17


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