Luma says a few things, step up, what, peek above, etc

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      How to train talking conure

    • Robert Topping

      That looks like a Jenday. The only difference is the green wings. Sun conures have yellow at the top, then it's green and Jenday is all or 99% green wings. If this let me post a pic I'd show my sun conure.

    • Michael O'Reilly

      oh my i love them i lost mine 😥. take care of her while shs young:)

    • Hafed Haged


    • Star birds

      Looks like a jenday conure, sun conures have some green in the wings but Jendays have all green wings, is this a hybrid? It looks like a mix of s7n and Jenday

    • Autumn Mackenzie Cook

      My mom and I saw this kind of parrot at the pet store and he thought he was the absolute star of the show. He even did a little bouncy dance for us.

    • typhoon1oon

      Mine talk and says thank you a lot

    • Cindy Berry

      mine is almost 2 yrs old not talking. dang it.

    • Harvey Patten

      That’s a Jenday conure love. Definitely not a sun conure

    • Nedhuri Rohith

      U scissored his wings

    • Poopy Pooppants

      Tought my sun conure how to say his name mango now he goes MangomangomangoSCREMGDHEJAJJ

    • Mario SS


    • The KesselRing Gang

      He’s adorable. My baby talks too, he only knows two words! Peek A Boo and Baby!

    • Yulia

      What is her name 😀? Beautiful birb girl

    • Rishabh Khetan


    • CoraleComics

      my sun conure loves to say good night and gimmie kiss about 10+ times before he goes to sleep lol

    • lilRyze

      yo the birb kinda a sussy jk lol cute


      cute and beautiful..i like it and i also have a youtube channel about birds

    • afaqih__

      I thought they can’t talk 😨

    • Amrita Manchanda

      hi I think that bird is Janday Conture please correct me if I am wrong after seeing the difference bettween janday and sun conture

    • Jaclin Lie

      Thank you for showing your beautiful conore bird & the real sound👍😊

    • Alexis Klein

      I am getting my baby today I have a Quaker that is extremely vocal would he teach our new baby to talk and with help of me teaching him

    • The Real Sunny Sun Conure

      OMG, looks like me!
      Super cute little conure!

    • VHM

      Menuda manía tenemos de cortar las alas a las aves por favor eso es una crueldad muy egoísta por nuestra parte

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