Winston is running to my mom! He used to bite and not like her at all. But now he is her bestie ❤️


    11 replies to "Sun Conure Talking"

    • Krinjal Barai

      I HAVE THE SAME Parrot..

    • Wajid Wajid

      Good gril hahaha

    • Khan Jee

      Does it fart

    • Chicu lovely Vlog

      Very nice beautiful

    • Steve Bittar

      Still waiting for him to say something

    • Craig Top flight

      These bird's do not talk 🦜 all the owners want it to so bad 😂

    • Ccc_Editz

      How do i get my sun conure to talkkk?

    • jameslong672

      I'd love one of these birds but this species is so loud and I don't have the ventilation or room

    • Minecraft plays

      That’s adorable!😍

    • Flyinggoose145

      Wow dude, your mom is hot.

    • Mario SS

      So beautiful and cute🌹❤

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