This is my swearing sailor 14 yr old pet African Grey parrot. Toto picked up this funny swearing habit a long time ago when I shared my house with a couple roommates.

Toto is a very sensitive and loving bird, and does not swear all the time (like this video may portray).

Like most people, Toto has his good and bad days. 🙂

    23 replies to "Swearing Parrot: Toto – African Grey (Warning – Strong Language)"

    • crazymadmax80001

      His owner needs to teach him to smoke pot

    • taila vanessa

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    • JG Secor

      A couple of roommates?? He didn’t pick that up from me, did he????

    • Ray Lustig

      What the bird thinks: “How can I best express my complicated feelings and
      opinions on life, the universe and everything to the big fleshy creature?
      I’ve got it! I will duplicate, to the best of my ability, the sounds it
      emits while rested in front of the big box in the other room, while
      clutching the smaller piece of wood and pressing knobs on it. It will
      understand me for sure!” What we hear: “Sh*t, I f**k tits!”

    • DDMarcozzi

      He raises his foot when he says stop

    • polly dolly

      hes gorgeous, i have one as well:) his wings look severly clipped:(

    • MovinginStereo1

      I wonder how many of these swearing birds on youtube are from overhearing
      their owner playing call of duty

    • Topvideos1001

      Same as us.

    • NavyKittyMom01

      I find this sad, he only knows words like shut up, be quite, a lot of
      cussing and things people yell at each other. This must be the way his
      owners talk to him. Poor bird

    • xOpIaNoGuRlxO

      “QUIET!” baha

    • handiclap

      A parrot with Tourette’s!!!

    • Sky Ducharme

      LOL “Hey baby”

    • xOpIaNoGuRlxO

      OMFG! he sounds so human!

    • anitaboneshow

      he said that, then “you hear me?”

    • orichalcossaiyan

      If I had a bird like this I would try to teach it how to say its over nine

    • bxr782

      It’s almost like he has Tourette syndrome.

    • AnimalAantics

      @PhatPhat818 – When I got him as a baby, I had to wean him from a liquid
      diet to a hard diet, and never knew how much attention and commitment they
      required. But i’m very grateful that I’ve had him for all these years. He’s
      like having a 5 yr old child, but he’s always testing you. lolol! 🙂

    • Troll God

      how are they able to speak any language!?

    • zOMGLaserGunzPewPew

      It’s like a fury

    • Karms

      What am I doing with my life … ?

    • Mister Madness

      One of my favorite kinds of animals are parrots, considering they’re able
      to talk.

    • ReznorRules97

      STOP, quiet.

    • Reyniki

      Ahahaha! Poor bird! it just wanted to have a decent, nice conversation! XD

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