4 months after the first Conversation submission, Morning times Tui tends to focus on our morning rituals (coffee, dance and shower) but there are some aspects of greater understanding, four months after the first video. Tui shows African Greys have intelligence

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    • Barbara Whitesell

      I love this bird, she puts a smile on my face everyday. It sucks not
      knowing what happened to her. Whoever has her or knows anything about what
      happened to her. Let the world know please. We would all be happy to know
      shes is still alive and making someone laugh. 

    • Ph4nt0mg4m1ng

      Lmfao “Shit, I’ll kick your arse”

    • Gabriel Alexander

      Honestly I find that if you let them bite you then they stop trying to, and
      over years this has an a cumulative effect,
      But don’t give them a limp finger, try to flex a fist sort of, so it
      doesn’t hurt.

    • I3o

      Wow what a smart bird. First responding to “what happens when you squeal”
      with a question back, “What happens?” and then answering the question “you
      go in cage”.
      You can actually have a conversation with an animal. That’s fantastic!

    • Deb B

      They start talking, I suppose, when they are able, like kids. My gray
      started at about 4 months. One other person here had one talk at three
      months. It will surprise the hell out of you one day when the word comes
      from your bird, and it will SOUND JUST LIKE YOU! Scary. I’m taking a clue
      from someone here, and showing this to my gray; he’s fascinated by Tui. I
      wonder if he can tell she’s a girl while on TV?

    • Donald Miller

      these guys are smarter than some niggers that i’ve seen

    • Leanne Abbott

      I watched all of Tuis videos a few years ago, and i cried and cried when he
      went missing. i am still sad for you. Have you got another bird now?

    • Lenard Reis

      A british speaking parot lol

    • troy henderson

      australian accent LOL 

    • stinkystu1

      I didn’t know Michael Cain was into parrots.

    • JungleTiki

      I love This video! What a smart Grey you have, I love this part ” I am
      looking for the hurricanes and tornadoes”….”OH shit!!!” lol My Grey
      calypso loves watching this video 🙂 Hopefully she will talk as well as
      Tui! She is only 11 months now 😉

    • tiffgoddess

      What a sweetheart!!!! I also have an African Grey. They really have an
      understanding that is beyond even some people….. You have a beautiful Tui

    • Dannii Webb

      lol too cute

    • Amy Ferguson

      “I’m just having a look for the hurricanes and tornadoes.” OH SHIT!!! OH
      SHIT!!! OOOOH SHHIT! That part cracks me up every time, and I also love how
      she says “Sure!”

    • Vakarias

      She’s pretty smart! You can see how she reasons with her limited
      vocabulary, except sometimes she seems to be fighting with herself to not
      screech or anything else.

    • GreeboSanders

      “There have been a lot of hurricanes and tornadoes.” “Oh, shit!” That’s may
      favorite part. XD

    • Arfuswow

      what do you teach ur bird? did tui say “Dont shit or i kick your ass”?

    • savannahsis

      Tui is amazing…….My Grey is smart, but Tui has her beat! Love the long
      sentences and interaction

    • Ravengirl09

      My bird Congo said her first words at 3 months! She is 7 months now, and
      talks pretty well… I hope she gets to be even chattier, but she seems to
      understand her words pretty well… But we love watching Tui! what a
      wonderful bird!

    • giggles0313

      she squeals just to say be quiet XD

    • pjegypt

      i asked a parrot expert and he said they start talking from 1 years of age

    • Madoneonly

      1:53-1:59 lolz thats part was funny and how quickly she replyed aswell lolz

    • MasterMarik

      I think the tornado you’re referring to is the one that hit Greensburg KS
      and IIRC, it was EF5 and struck the city at night, wiping out 95% of the

    • tshatcher

      lol did he say aw shit!?

    • Zylo

      You are doing a great job with this bird. I really enjoy these videos. What
      an intelligence creature.

    • agaddz

      hurricane….OH SHIT!!! Oscar for that gorgeous bird!

    • CatStina

      I love the tornado part and the “I want to squeal part.” Cute bird!

    • Louisiana_King504

      Yea dat is so crazy how he has da British accent

    • ramsy66

      Oh the possibilities

    • dancerchick912

      Thats amazing how Tui knows all the answers to your questions!! Its
      incredible! You asked Tui what happens when he makes loud noises, and he
      responded with the consequence! Thats absolutely adorable. What an amazing
      friend you’ve got there.

    • artisanrox

      “what happens if you squeal?” “I’ll kick your @rse”….LOL

    • AboveTheSoil

      Tui..tui..tui..tui! Lmao.

    • dashskins

      awesome i tip my hat to you and tui

    • EddieLineage2

      hahaha what a troll, squeals and then tells himself to be quiet to keep out
      of the cage lol

    • chihuahuabulldog

      Tui is soooo smart. I don’t know how true it is, but a bird person told me
      that peanuts will make a parrot mean????? They certainly haven’t hurt Tui’s
      intelligence. Thank you for sharing.

    • kskiwi

      sorry it took a while, the subtitles feature come along with windows movie

    • Gracie05452

      I love how she says “sure” and “squeal” Love it!!

    • kimstwin

      I love your bird and your videos. Keep posting more of Tui!!

    • mimi2957

      con’t …. The police were no help to me. I think people give up too
      easily. And greys are tough to recover, as they are nomadic by nature. I
      only saw people referring to the fact that it is lost – I didn’t see where
      you posted that. I don’t know the story, so I am sorry if the circumstances
      were such that you have no possibility of recovering him. My grey was gone
      for 2 weeks, and I got him back, none the worse for wear. He was 8 miles
      away! Your Tui is phenomenal.

    • Barakx8

      You can toilet train your bird by taking it out of the cage first thing in
      the morning and holding it over the toilet. Encouraging it and rewarding it
      when it dumps in the toilet help with the training. Two reasons for
      this–birds don’t like to crap where they sleep and it is natural for them
      to take a big dump first thing in the morning. Problem is that you need to
      be with the bird all the time to watch it so you can take it to the toilet
      when you think it is about to dump.

    • kskiwi

      She does not actually go in the cage til about 15 times, I try to ignore it
      now rather than comment on the squell

    • angeldelight900

      Ha hes adorable

    • Tomasm21

      Wooww such an amazing bird. I love her. “Be quiet.. Can I get a kiss..
      C’mon! MMMMuua” Outstanding..

    • spikebaby2

      Lol mood swings

    • David Springfield


    • Gracie05452

      Are you Psychic? Sure! lol!!

    • poppykok5

      aaaahhhh andrew…DARN….where and how are you, dear boy…so many people
      care…i ache for you no matter what your circumstances are now…..please
      let us know…..

    • cindiburkey

      wow! go Tui! now I am in a definitely better frame of mind to take on the
      urban jungle than I was 10 minutes ago. What a character, thanks for
      sharing him!

    • TerrieClarissa

      Tui should have a fan club,she’s so funny

    • joulsey cupid

      Ahhh Tui, I love ya!

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