My African Grey Tui is 18 months old and has a pretty good vocab. More impressive for me is her understanding of what she says. I recorded a morning conversation of us chatting before we had a shower and started the day. Tui’s vocab is much larger than what is here, and she is learning new words (thank you & Your Welcome) and while she does not clearly say them, she uses them correctly. She also started screeching and has learnt to self correct this by telling herself to be quiet. Anyhow, for a 18 month old anything I am pretty impressed with her comprehendsion

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    • Scott Kovach

      Clover reminds me of my africangrey Clyde, she would even cuss me out.Clyde
      died in afire

    • hiscibus

      is the parrot singing and dancing at 1:05?

    • Steve Ruba

      I don’t know where Michael Caine found the time to train this bird…..

    • truthbknwn


    • linD43

      It’s funny, and probably not coincidental, that most parrots seem to say
      QUIET! LOL

    • Volg

      The parrot is clearly the man of the house

    • ccla7247

      Tui: SQUEAL!
      You: What!?
      Tui: Scratch?

    • Ashley Walkowiak

      I love Tui! Such a cool bird! 

    • ell ann

      Thank you for uploading this video. I love this bird so much, so far
      this my most favorite talking Aferican Grey in you tube. I wish happiness
      and healthy life for you Tui whereever you are. 

    • Irina Vitruk

      i have a budgie, and i also want an african grey parrot. but i dont know if
      i should get one. would it be dangerous to my budgie (not that i plan to
      keep them in the same cage if i get one)? will it be too much work? is the
      plucking problem really bad or no? 

    • Chris Mackle

      this videos a joke right?

    • nakedmolerat43

      haha Kiwi accent

    • Prince Vernon


    • Sharon Newman

      Amazing creatures!

    • ChrisCucinell

      I would take the bird’s advice. He is obviously smarter than his owner. 

    • gizzard2025

      Give the bird a scratch already

    • Brenda Stevens

      Aren’t they AMAZING. Yoshi is the first CAG we ever owned and we are
      totally enjoying him..they are SO SMART!! Really enjoyed your sharing! 

    • German Shepherd

      i got a african grey

    • Sonja Violette

      This is fabulous.

    • عبدالله العازمي


    • shawn novoczynski

      Shhhhh! Queit! Haha I want one

    • Xochitl Cuellar

      This video is since 2006 I wonder how much she talks now! furthermore she
      may need to have a babies may be she is a good mother, it’s not? God Bless

    • Mojean Steak

      I am in love with Tui. She is so cute <3

    • yvonneost12

      I see Tui has a ring , when you lost her did you advertise her ring number
      in your local papers and on radio ?? I know you didn’t get her back
      unfortunately , I’m sorry to hear that , but someone must have her.

    • Raphael Koster

      hey…spread the word….parrots will eat their pellets if you put almond
      milk on them……really works….and pellets make them healthy if you buy
      good ones.

    • Mmm UK

      Awesome .

    • Chris Hoffmann

      I figure if (or rather when) I get one it would make my German Shepherd its
      personal pet and body guard. I could already hear it, “Attucks! Get the

    • Melissa France

      so smart!!!

    • keith allison

      Wow, this is so cool. i love to hear parrots talk. my african grey parrots
      are super cool when it comes to talking and counting. Interested in African
      grey parrots??? Call/text:(408) 713-4216 or email:keithallison49 at gmail
      dot com

    • Jack AfricanGrey

      he is very clever we got one as well his name is Jack

    • James Smith

      Awesome you have ur bird trained to be quiet once he hears how about a
      shower i have my dog trained the same way. I also have a grey his name is
      Lindy his quiet word is wow its getting late i always say that befor i wrap
      his cage for bed. Amazing birds.

    • formeratheistnowachristian

      The African Grey Parrot is listed as one of the most intelligent animals in
      the world. The African Grey Parrot knows that it is his own image he sees
      in a mirror. Very few animals have this gift that is a test to prove an
      animal is self aware & knows he does exist & is able to intelligently
      communicate with other animals with the same gift. These animals are
      Whales, Dolphins, the species in the Great Ape family which includes Human
      Beings. This parrot knows he is loved and cared for!

    • ashleigh bourne

      Omg that’s so cool! Shhhhhh quiet hahaha!

    • Luke Lukee

      @badkins1990 how much for one?

    • teddiesluvyou

      @jwwc123 hahaha lol thats soo cute

    • BlackOpsIILive

      they are really expensive over here they cost 800 dollars

    • Jenn D.M

      lol it’s funny cuz your like shhh and then tui like it whistles or
      something and then your like What? LOL it’s too funny

    • John Doe


    • Jasweedles86

      Very healthy looking Grey, mental and physical. Great parenting!!

    • Goru .Larell

      @crystalgymnast yes. i have an african grey parot to. And they are really
      good talkers..^^

    • Kaito Shion

      I lost it when the bird sneezed at 1:49 XD

    • ohmahderp

      You think this guy has a rain forest style shower head. lol

    • Louise Hickinbottom

      ssh quiet. shes amazing

    • kellalizard

      She’s so cute! So smart!

    • DJ118USMC

      It’s like I am listening to EVP’s HA HA!

    • Margaret Chabaud

      What a character!

    • death55555555

      it would be funny if a burglar robbed that house the burglar would come
      into the living room there will be tui goin: shhhhhh quiet! XD

    • La Furst

      Actually they are not just imitating noises. If you watch the videos of Dr.
      Irene Pepperberg with Alex the African Grey, you see this parrot is not
      just imitating anything. He counts, differentiates between materials and
      demands things like dinner and to “go back.” These creatures are far more
      intelligent than we realize.

    • al3x4n0w

      omg i really wanna parrot! such beautiful animals, and it’s amazing how
      they can sound exactly like the person they hear all the time.

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