Talking Amazon Parrot: Buddy

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    24 replies to "Talking Amazon Parrot"

    • Emilka Jurasz

      Gimme a kiss 😘😂

    • Seva-YT

      My yello naped Amazon change his voice like a robotic voice?

    • Nia Jean

      He's so responsive to you!

    • Gabriel Caro

      My Amazon Parrot is naked Buddy too! 😆

    • Albon Queely

      "nithyananda dhyanapeetam"X.

    • Patrick Bowen

      Beautiful Amazon. What type of Amazon is this ?

    • Keith Garland

      My blue front amazon is a loving character! Contact calls me as soon as i come in the house! Puts his head on my chest so i can scritch his neck. Love him!

    • Mahnoor Naz

      I have like that parrot he is very scare and come in hand

    • Charles Hines

      As growing with these birds in the wild. People need to stop knocking down their homes! Red Crowned Parrots love dead trees. We used to see these all over Texas. Even Dallas. I grew up here in McAllen. Now we only see these in pairs.

    • Really BadAim

      I will have to get one of these for personal memos. Green technology.

    • Sudima

      best parrot

    • typicalmexican OG

      I have one of these bois, he calls me "burro"

    • Isabel Parra

      How do you know how to know the gender I just got one and I want to find out

    • Ashley Flower

      I saw these (wild) birds when I was at a tree park and now I ended up here. I never saw a parrot in the wild and it was so cool. ^ btw I'm obsessed with birbs, so I was really exited. 😀 Sadly there are in the endangered list. 🙁

    • Lori Weaver

      How big do the Amazon's get? Are the smaller then a cockatoo? Do they get along with caique birds?

    • shonie777

      Mine pretty much does that except talk. If I came anywhere near it to kiss it like you did, I'd wind up in the hospital getting stitches. Mines a rescue bird. Spent most of it's life outside in a cage. 20+ years with rarely any human interaction. Had her for nearly 7 years and she's come a long way.

    • Lauren Wislocki

      My orange-winged Amazon loved your video hehehe he makes most of same noises and words it was perfect lol. So cute

    • William Jonsson

      You still have this bird?

    • EMBER B

      my red headed has never spoken in the three years we've had her. i love watching theve videos

    • Ari O. Ramirez

      Omg I had one his name was Joe but he was attacked by an opossum because we let it sleep outside in a cage and the opossum bit off the leg. I cried when I saw that moment. Very traumatic for a 6 year old

    • johnathan twinz

      What do you feed

    • Lady Phoenix

      He really is, a pretty bird.

    • tortellini fettachini

      Hi I have the same kind of bird but I'm getting really worried. The people that we got him from was from eBay and they said he was 6 but he walks very slowly and shakes. When he walks it kinda looks like an old man with leg problems. Unfortunately that people who had him before us did not take good care of him and he has a lot of stress bars because of it. His tail feathers are all very messed up and his back fethers are filled with black stress bars. He also acts very depressing until I start talking and whistling with him. What I also noticed is that he gets really angry if he hears something he doesn't like, if I say something he usually gets angry and kinda growls. But then when I stop he immediately kisses me and idk why. I'm worried about him and I would like your opinion on this.

    • Avriel Nicole

      I have that same bird, and he is NOTHING like this!

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