talkative “too” (cockatoo) also known as a galah on a road trip with dave womach

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    • Rambo Parrot

      how did u train him not to fly around when he's out of his cage during the car drive?
      please reply

    • JuJuBee1029

      Beautiful bird 🙂

    • Mekaisto

      @basspig No, all galahs look like this…

    • Toucan Gr

      This is my dream with one

    • djspl51bw

      @tenderheart17 Totally agree we have an african grey and he has his own little house he travels in,and he always wears a seatbelt.As you say looks cute,but the reality is it could be very dangerous.Beautiful bird anyway.

    • basspig

      What an interesting mutation.. he looks red phase and blue phase at the same time. He's a patriotic cockatoo.

    • Skinna5

      @tenderheart17 Well said kind sir.

    • LamborghiniGal

      SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    • TheMuffinBurgler

      @bradlz69 Of course not, otherwise there wouldn't be thousands of cockatiels and budgies and cockatoos as pets in the US alone.

      What IS illegal is WILD CAUGHT birds. There is no law banning the breeding of the birds in the US.

    • bradlz69

      i thought it was illegal to sell Australian native birds over seas for pets !!!

    • Archetype00

      Is it possible to toilet train your bird? Because my bird is hand tamed and everything and I want to take him out of the house, but I don't want him pooping everywhere.

    • Kritikatr10

    • lolganondorf

      @tenderheart17 totally true

    • tenderheart17

      The little galah's owner probably IS a lovely man, and would never deliberately do anything that would hurt his little buddy. (the love and trust that the galah displays is proof of that).
      I am all for animals having the freedom to move around as much as they want and need to….but just not while in the car.
      I have a kitty who wees herself in terror when I put her in a carry-cage to take her to the vet. I feel bad…but I have to do it, for hers, mine and everyone else's safety.

    • TlGBC

      @tenderheart17 aw, he doesn't look so mean.

    • Christine Cintamani

      A road trip cockatoo…cute!
      I had a budgie that talked once too and sat on my shoulder but he didn't go in a car lol

    • tenderheart17

      Cute, but not safe. If the brakes were suddenly applied, that poor little fella would be catapulted into the windscreen.
      Or if your pet suddenly went into a panic and started flying about, you could lose control of your car….injuring (or killing) yourself and/or passengers, or other motorists.
      If you love yout pet, please don' travel with them unrestrained, in the car…it's just not worth the risk,

    • Kirk Lorange

      We're just a couple of Galahs …

    • PodeCoet


      Haha ditto up till a few months ago, Americans know more about our native fauna than we do!

    • Kirk Lorange

      Yes, so I have since learned. I've been living in Oz for 32 years and never knew that.

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