A slightly different kind of animal arrived at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. Dakota is a sulfur-crested cockatoo that was seized by animal control due to possible abandonment and neglect. The trial was today and the charges against the owner were dropped due to circumstances. This man loves his bird but was unable to care of her. It was decided that I will have custody of the bird until the owner has gotten back on his feet.

Dakota has quite a personality but also some issues that we are working on including the self-destructive feather plucking. She barks like a dog, talks like a man and giggles like a little girl. She also loves to dance and sing.

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    • tootsietootoo

      Greys, an Umbrella and another Black Palm and (knock on wood) never had a feather picker but read much about them and always worried and keep a close eye.
      Good luck and thanks for sharing.

    • tootsietootoo

      Love your baby. I have an Umbrella. Wouldn't you give anything to know what he thinks he is telling you and assuming you are understanding?
      I love when they drop into that deeper voice.
      Have you gotten the feather picking under contro? If not, it will get much, much worse.
      Something is behind it…not criticising you but check into diet, cage location or someting making him depressed or unhappy.
      I have had parrots since the '70's (Mynah bird, Amazon,MaCaw, Monk, Black Palm and now have 2 Gre

    • Michael Melville

      Birds in cages! WRONG.

    • MissDolittle

      @vivavasquez I think you are right.

    • Victor Vasquez

      I think she is a he.

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