Rosie & Gahloo

    4 replies to "Talking Cockatoo Cleans Dog’s Eyes & Teeth"

    • Fab

      Galahs are one of the most unlikly of the the cockatoos to pluck, also the saliva of any mammal can kill birds, take her/him to a vet and decide if you are going to make more time for the bird or if you can't handle it

    • Mi Nennuka

      Mammals carrie Gram-negative bacteria while avians carrie Gram-positive. Birds are unequipped to deal with our Gram-negative bacteria. Sorry to tell you this but is the truth. I hope is not to late :'((

    • Vanessa Landers

      Oh, gosh, your pets are gorgeous, is your cockatoo a galah?

    • Ella S

      Oh my goodness, thats amazing and so cute.

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