He talk. He dances. He sings. He’s a lot of fun.

Oscar is a subspecies of the Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo known as The Eleonora Cockatoo. Isn’t he wonderful?

He’ is in need of a 5-10 year old, confident female to be his mate. If you know of one, please let us know.

There are two species of sulfur crested cockatoos. The Greater and the Lesser. The Greater has four subspecies and the Lesser has two subspecies.

The Greater Subspecies are

Cacatua galerita galerita – The Galerita Cockatoo
C. g. triton – The Triton Cockatoo
C. g. eleonora – The Eleonora Cockatoo
C. g. fitzroyi – The Fitzroy Cockatoo

The nominate subspecies, The Galerita, is considered an agricultural pest species in its native Australia. 🙁

There are four subspecies of the Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, also known as the Yellow Crested Cockatoo. These are smaller than the others.

Cacatua sulphurea sulphurea – The Lesser Sulfur Crested
Cacatua sulphurea abbotti – The Abbott’s Lesser Sulphur Crested
Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata – The Citron Crested Cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea parvula – The Timor Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

The Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoos are all listed as Endangered.

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      He's gorgeous!

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      He's so pretty!

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      I love cockatoos…And Oscar is beautiful.

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      Oscar is beautiful! He sure enjoys his shower, love him.

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