My two year-old Harlequin Macaw talking in the mirror and telling my Blue and Gold Macaw to “sssshhhhh.” This was the first time that I had seen/heard him do the “ssshh.”

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    • Ali_Hussain924x

      This is absolutely fake

    • RyuTacea

      How does this not have more views XD

    • Sheriff Burford T. Justice

      This the most beautiful Harlequin macaw I've ever seen. His/her? colors are so gorgeous. What a personality!

    • Vali Prem

      the shhhhhhhhhhh with the finger killed me XD that's awesome

    • Blue_Lugia

      I like his colours

    • Sam Hull

      He's a brilliant talker, with a brilliant personality xD

    • mrusername09

      Somebody NEEDS to make a thug life clip out of this

    • John Lamphier

      was he taught the shhh thing

    • Pyagrl*16

      I have fun imagining that humans are this intelligent compared to an alien race. XD

    • Angelina Martinez

      that was one smart bird:)

    • Lena Cahrston

      He even does the little finger thug with his talons! So cute and intelligent!!

    • Amanda Nicole

      Omg that was so cute! wow! so adorable

    • Faithful Angel Vlogs

      Lol, funny??

    • Eleanor Wright

      That's hilarious!!!!! This bird is so cool!

    • mrslolokaiwahine

      The best video ever!

    • SemiJuggalo

      I love how he slowly pinches his talons closed the second time he says "shh."

    • Storyful

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