Maverick the nanday conure talking saying all kinds of funny things.

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    • Larry Ex

      you just have to talk to them they will pick up on it pretty quick

    • John Paul Gabriel Zuluaga

      Hot a hottie

    • Røck Ðutchess

      I have a 7 year old nanday named Jade. She is just the sweetest girly girl! She'll rub her cheek on yours, she'll  giggle and bob her head like shes laughing. She can't talk, but she can make sound effects, like kissing, laughing, (of course) and she'll fall asleep in my arms, rock, and coo. But if you pick up something; large or small, she'll squawk like and f-ing chimp! Her previous owner (the person who had her before) would throw things at her, and luckily, she didn't have to worry about that anymore. Shes just my best birdie friend!!  <3     :>

    • Happy Sylveon

      I too have a nanday, her name is Wiki and she is my absolute best friend, she doesn't talk but that's probably because she's only a little over a year old.

    • Mark Morgan

      If I had any money, I would take him. I got a Nanday Conure that would love to have another friend.

    • david estrada

      mine makes a squeaking sound like some kind of dog toy i whistle to him all the time but still i'm curious please respond

    • Roran Kobayashi

      i like it when their head fur is like really fluffy!!

    • moaied ahmed

      you both hotttt 😉

    • francesco capretti

      Fantastic !

    • Bluewolfcheetah

      I'm quite fond of Nandays, and Maverick here is no exception. I'm surprised and amazed at his vocabulary, and his eagerness to show others his talkative-ness. My Sun Conure, Bodi, surprised me when he began to speak…I heard that it's quite rare for conures in general to be talkative compared to their bigger parrot counterparts (greys, amazons, ect)

    • The Pixelated Steller's Jay

      My Nanday says "Whatcha Doing"

    • G.Meißner

      I always heard Nanday's don't speak. I guess you disproved that.

    • Emy Altukrov

      i have a nanday conure that loves to give kisses to me only to people she knows. but she loves to make noises like giving kisses. she bobs her head as well as laughing.
      his name is jade. jade the dancing king

    • kagomebaby97

      aawwwwwwwwwwww! i have a peach fronted conure and all he can say is kiss, just like this. i was not expecting this bird to sound so close to my bid Mikey. 😛

    • 2704heatherwolf

      nandy can be very mean birds , i know my fathers nanday is mean she talks, but she wont hesitate to attack people

    • Rachel Doktor

      Ahh, he looks like he's in that "Hey this is my owner!!! Don't come near me!" mode. My nanday does that too, and the slow motion head movements. His name is Pickles.

    • Lisa Marie

      i miss my nanday she died trying to have a egg =[

    • LysanderBlack

      This is cute!

    • Peekablue

      Wow, he's quite the talker! My Nanday snuggles into my neck and shoulder just like Maverick's doing.

    • Imagineth

      My birdie died today. I miss him so much. I don't know what to do with myself.

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