This is Pierre, the Congo African Grey. This is our second video of him, now at around 4 years of age. He can speak many words and phrases and even acknowledges different people and animals as individuals. He is owned by my friends!

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    • Tally Graham

      My moms friend has a parrot that when they put the cover on the cage cries
      and says “l’m all alone in here.”

    • cheetahcraft AJ

      Its not talking they mimic peoples voices very loud

    • amirul0202

      How big is the cage

    • Rob Vincze


    • LolDidntRead

      Omg it’s soooo neat how HUMAN they sound!!

    • Chelsea Feeney

      Pierre is such an intelligent, adorable bird!! You are fortunate to have
      such a great boy!!

    • bigbrandon2198

      That screaming lmfao my greys wont talk 🙁

    • Connor Lycnh

      That’s just brilliant!

    • cryptosporidium01

      Nice, i wonder how he manages to pronounce b and p

    • Javi Cepeda

      Thats funny he sounds like a grown man talking to himself

    • G4M3R102

      I can identify any bird noise

    • Mikel Daniel

      The parrot is not tacking that’s your tacking

    • Sheryll Pink

      This creature is a perfect pet to guide your house if your not around you
      wanna know why his voice is just like a human no one will attempt to enter
      your house if they heard the voice of this African grey parrot this is
      amazing, to the owner of this parrot you did a great job….

    • LazyLumber

      Oh my goodnesss=) the African Grey is such a beautiful bird! My favorite
      bird to work with in Agriculture, without a doubt. Agriculture… Parrots?
      yes, lol.

    • hamza oumali

      he is a crazy little fella

    • Jose Rodriguez

      he sounds like a human

    • Dinky-Di

      does the husband happen to smoke

    • CaterpillarGiraffe

      @Jaydig388 Yeah he talks by himself a lot!

    • DedwenOsiris1

      hahaha 0:44 i bet he gets to hear that a lot hahahahaha the second “shut
      up” just killed me hahaha he even copied the stressed out tone in it! HES A
      BEAST i admire him^^

    • Jena Troelsgaard

      You must shower and watch tv a lot lol

    • CaterpillarGiraffe

      @JakesJayas Thanks!

    • G4M3R102

      Not shut up its step up

    • JustShoreGirls

      @CaterpillarGiraffe 2:10, 3:34 and “PICKLE!” are the best.

    • katemortzz71096


    • MrChiknmanISBACK

      He sounds like a man! 😀

    • raziel72

      lmao this is so great i always wanted one

    • JustShoreGirls

      Multiple personalities much??? hahaha. He’s awesome!!!! 🙂

    • Jakes Jayas

      ahaha thats awesome good french/canadian name “pierre” oh man thats Epic

    • Tyson Nikkola

      I would teach mine to say some pretty screwed up stuff

    • paul20122012

      Great vid. If he learns to sing you may have to watch out for youtube’s
      copyright police 🙂

    • Patricia Kelly

      Thats the bird coughing?

    • MAD Reptiles


    • jamalak74u

      He’s got that American accent

    • CaterpillarGiraffe

      @JustShoreGirls Thanks! Haha yes, he impersonates both the husband and the
      wife 😉

    • Rowena Kenney

      I am a retired lady who would love your bird. And give him the care and
      attention he.needs contact me at 765 993 9977

    • Marc-Antoine Carrier

      Dear santa….

    • Julie Garcia

      He says shut up ha!

    • XSyntax

      When he said shut up i just immediately thought of Gollum haha.

    • jeffxl12

      why do they squeel at the loudest they can sometimes. It’s eardrum breaking
      along with the head bobs?

    • Javi Cepeda


    • Soumaya Bourehtit


    • ClassyHerps

      Wanna watch TV?

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