Meet #Einstein, an African grey parrot at the Knoxville Zoo. He turned 30 last week and celebrated by showing off some of his amazing impressions. #talkingparrot #africanparrot #voanews #news


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    • Type GT

      Nice car effect 👍🏼

    • سامي المزاحم

      سبحان الله العظيم

    • J. G.

      The way he did the rooster made me laugh😅😂

    • Luciano Chert



      Parrot's "come here" reminds me of granny

    • Dulce Firmino

      Gostei de ver o pássaro falar

    • PsYCh0Cqt

      1000iq birb

    • Albana Hiso

      Nuk u kenaqet akoma duke poshtruar pak bete doni akoma

    • Brett Edge

      Talking parrot😂

    • study queen


    • Krishna Basu



      So cute 🥰

    • Isabel Vasconcelos

      PA kayo quickest puppy

    • TheGamerBroYT

      Amazing parrot 🎉❤

    • Юлияна Иванова

      Чуйте Джаро от България и тогава ще си говорим.

    • Rahul Kumar

      I think the parrot wants to sleep every night with 🎤😂😂

    • hi

      now about politics

    • RI birds

      Wow amazing pooL 👏

    • b k

      He is truly the Einstein of Parrots

    • Dracomies

      The crazy part is when it speaks, ie Goodbye — it picked up the Southern twang of its trainer.

    • charles maverick 1963

      Que bonitonho! Apaixonante

    • Moli Firdos

      my channel name is Firdous Jilani

    • Ashley

      I wanna be friends with that bird😭

    • Platynowy Viking

      Beautiful parrot❤

    • Mohammed Ismail Jamaludin

      I dunno that parrots are that intelligent. 😮

    • seesikopter

      0:19 kills me every time lol

    • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

      This skill is why parrots are so fascinating. 🥰

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