This is Bandit, He has a vocabulary of around 200 different words and speaks them in sentances that he puts together himself at will. UPDATE: Unfortunately, I left my bird with my “best friend” to care for him while I had to take care of family business and he took him to a pet store in Florida and when I found out, he was already sold. I want my bird back and if there is anyone that can help me out, I would love it. I miss him dearly. Bandit was in a pet store near Englewood, Florida. If anyone has any information about where I might possibly locate his new owners, I would greatly appreciate it.
FURTHER UPDATE: Bandit is still missing. During our family crisis, we moved to Indiana. Prosecuting from a 1000 miles away is not economically possible for us. However, we did seek advice and since we can’t locate the receipt from where we purchased Bandit ($1200), we were told that proving we were the owners of Bandit would not be impossible but would be difficult. Then the cost of prosecuting beyond that. No, we obviously do not talk to guy responsible for the theft. However, we heard that he was telling everyone that I gave him the bird as payment for money we owed him. Funny thing is, we never owed this man any money for any reason. Of course it’s not a far stretch for a thief to also be a liar. This video is our memory of Bandit and we appreciate all the kind words and sympathy from all who have posted comments. Thanks!

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    • vergus bey

      Sorry to hear that, the 45 solution always work. 1911 Colt .45 works well, go to the pet shop and shot some round around, until he talk. good luck !

    • Fawaz Moosa

      At what age does a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo start to speak…??

    • Goldenbridge Africa

      I came here to see this type of bird as one flew to my balcony in Dubai form god knows where !i rescued him now he is with me until the owner find him or until finding for him the best new place because of my two cats unfortunately can’t keep him !but really shh am amazing sweet bird who likes to cuddle just one day with him and I love him !all of u out there take care of ur dear beloved animals they r family

    • Sheepdog1314

      small cage for a macaw

    • Mogumbo Gono

      That's some "best friend." Don't you have any other friends? No family? You couldn't board the bird at a local pet shop, or at a veterinary clinic? (Our vet boards dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.)
      There has to be more to this story. If you said you'd left the bird with a casual acquaintence you recently met, this could be chalked up to stupidity. Who in their right mind would entrust something worth thousands of dollars to a casual acquaintence? On the other hand, a "best friend" is someone you've known for many, many years. You know their character sufficiently that you'd be able to trust them implicitly and you wouldn't make a monumental blunder like this. 
      But of course, there's more to this than you're telling here. And I wouldn't really care, except your actions are totally unfair to your lost pet.

      Didn't you even call the cops?! Grand theft is a felony, and this theft certainly qualifies. 

      Your "best friend" can't just say you owe him money, so he took your property. He has to go through the legal system first, before he can personally sell your property like that. Otherwise, anyone caufght with stolen goods could just say the owner owed them money, so they took their property in payment. There's a lot more to this than you're telling people.

      And it sounds like you didn't even talk to a lawyer! Their consltations are usually free. If not, the cost is minimal — and from the looks of things in your video, you can afford the $50± that some of the more money hungry ones might charge. But it looks like you're more worried about a few bucks, than getting Bandit back. *W*ednesday, **Thursday, *F*riday??!? Get your priorities straight!

      And enough with the carp about your "best friend" stole your pet and sold him to a pet store… but now you're afraid to go after him or the store. Quit whining, and stop begging strangers to find your pet for you. Instead, DO SOMETHING. If you care for your pet like you say, you have legal recourse. Being in a different state doesn't matter either, you can subpoena your "best friend" and make him appear. If he doesn't show, the judgement is automatic.
      Or, fight fire with fire: get someone to give you a receipt for your original purchase of the bird, and haul the thief into court yourself. You don't even need a lawyer, just use your local Small Claims system. With this video and a couple witnesses to vouch for you, you'll get a judgement against your "BFF." You might not get the judgement promptly paid, but at least you'll have a judgement to record against him — and against the store too, if you do it right.

      Why do you think lawyers name everyone they can in any lawsuit they file?  If a business is named in an expensive lawsuit, they'll be happy to drop a dime on the perp. But they won't do it without a little incentive — like being a named Defedant in your lawsuit.
      In this state the small claims limit is now $25,000. With this video and a couple of witnesses, you should have no trouble winning a Small Claims lawsuit for that amount. Then record it in your County and the County the perp lives in, and in any other County you suspect he might reside in. (The cost here is $8 to record a judgement). Then if he ever wins a lottery, or buys a house, or gets a legit job, or gets married to someone with assets, or gets an inheritance, or buys a car, etc., you can collect — plus interest. (Here, judgements are good for 10 years, and it's an easy matter to extend it for another 10 years.)

      You're not telling the whole story here, but at least be fair to your pet. That parrot wants to be back with you as much as you want it back — probably much more. So instead of begging strangers in a YouTube video to find your pet for you, get busy finding Bandit yourself. 

      It can be done, and you have enough info already, so get cracking. 
      Bandit needs rescuing. Show some loyalty. Get busy, and find him!!


    • Cyberwolf74

      WTF! Seriously he sold your bird…..? there a special place in Hell for that person.

    • Haisamu Kun

      I have a sulphur cockatoo. but yes, my parrot is crazy and screaming when the AC is at 23°C lol

    • iSimply


    • Secret agent Randy Beans

      I would beat that dude so badly he'd be lucky to live. You don't mess with someone's animals.

    • CalCBR

      Beautiful bird, sorry for your loss

    • Dominic Tan


    • Isaac Malthouse

      Your shitty ex friend needs to go play in traffic. I'm so sorry, I hope you're okay.

    • TheNewfineart

      After watching your video and then reading the comments posted it is obvious that you loved your bird Bandit and he loved you. As tragic and heartbreaking as it is to lose your bird, I am sure that your bird has found a loving home with new owners who is most likely loved and cherished. Assuming that you could ever find Bandit again it would break somebody else's heart to take him from them. As an owner of a 4 year old Sulphur Crested Cockatoo called "Alfie", I bet you don't miss the random high-pitch screaming and the daily destruction of anything and everything that he can get his beak round. Somewhere along the line, that person who deprived you of the bird you loved and gave a loving home to, will have to experience a similar ordeal that you went through. As with all things in life, it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

    • mike wilbur

      these birds are smuggled out of australia as young breeding couples…in very cruel methods with many dying

    • Thuria Ramadan


    • Thuria Ramadan


    • jaspher gamanay

      Nice scarlet macaw tho

    • Rattman's Best Friend

      nigel in a nutshell

    • Mind Blowing

      Wow who needs enemies with friends like that. I would have thumped the crap out of him to do such an asshole of an act..

    • Scrapyard24c

      Hope your "friend" got put into a cage of his own….

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