I try to convince a sulphur-crested cockatoo not to eat my garden plants in the mornings. Him and his mates have become very destructive of late, ripping up and chomping all my succulents and geraniums.

Years ago the locals fed them and cockies have *long* memories! I guess they are getting me back for not feeding them.

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    • rollingklouds

      He's walking like he owns the property and you are the trespasser.

    • Jay

      So lucky to have these birds native to where you live!

    • Bacon Deluxe

      hide yo kids hide yo wife, cause in coming for that booty

    • boneair

      this man is boring

    • u stupid

      I taught a wild cockatoo to say "cockatoo" before, now when it comes to my house, it repeats the word "cockatoo". It's a sulfur created cockatoo

    • METALMAN4Wii

      Feed him a blooming onion.

    • Jack Hawke

      Queenscliff looking awesome!

    • Parrots4Life

      I live in Australia and everyone who isn't in our country thinks its all very pleasant, and most the time, it is. But I planted a nice set of fruit trees and I NEVER get to eat the fruit because all the Rainbow lorikeets keep eating them all. Every year it's the same thing, a flock of lorries come and destroy our lovely apples. Our neighbor puts up a net each year over her apple trees, and each year she accidentally catches  a few rainbow lorikeets and has to shoo them out. The lorry's are everywhere, hide your fruit and other worldly possessions, they will take shiny things. I'm not sure how common the rainbow lorry's are Australia wide, but here in Victoria they are heard and seen daily year round.

    • Steven Steele

      Is this Australia?  I was in Sydney years ago.  Cleanest
      place I ever seen!  That was before I fell in love with birds!

    • caveman Versace

      Here in Australia this is a yellow-crested cockatoo.

    • Sharon Newman

      looks like SYDNEY austraia gorgeous place full of parrots

    • TheFunkhouser

      Okkkk  O_o

    • Abraxxos Wood

      Actually, you did by saying, and I quote "all Far Southern states in the USA are subtropical." It's just Florida. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana (the other 4 states included in the 'far south') are swamp. Not sub-tropical or tropical.

    • Crow29Darkness

      I was never referring swamp to being tropical or subtropical.

      when they are a talking about sub-tropical they mostly refer to is Climate.

      The tropical climate is then a place of warm low pressures. This is where you find the rain forest belt around the earth.

      The subtropical climate is then the belt around the earth where you find warm but dry air because it sinks. Those are the high pressures are roughly latitudes 30. That is where you find most deserts around the earth.

    • Abraxxos Wood

      lmao, no. Only Florida is remotely tropical and that isn't including north Florida and the panhandle. Everything north is swamp. Big difference. Wikipedia may tell you all far southern states are subtropical but it's lying to you.

    • Crow29Darkness

      the USA had 2 native Parrot species 1 was completely hunted to extinction which was the (Carolina Parakeet) native to the Eastern United States, the other was hunted to extinction in Arizona the (Thick-Billed Parrot) but still survives in its Native Mexico.

      Cockatoos are in areas where it isn't sub-tropical for example the (Galah), they are almost everywhere here in Australia.

      all Far Southern states in the USA are subtropical.

      southern tip of Florida is the only Tropical area in the USA.

    • Crow29Darkness

      well that is the what the Americans said before they killed off all of the Carolina Parakeets.

    • SomebodyLS

      Lovely to actually see these birds wild. 🙂

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