This bird is unhanfed never handheld biting wild growling never petted untame untrained. Watch how our personal trainer tames him. This is Bird Tameness.

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    • Nikki Petrova


      I watched your videos, and have some questions, can i contact you on your
      e-mail or write somehow? i have an african grey male one i bought a month
      ago, and can’t seem to taim him anyway… he’s almost one years old by
      now..please contact me , or let me know your e-mail, thanks in advance ^_^

      my e-mail:


    • Ariana cardinal

      I’m adopting an aggressive Quaker parrot soon, what do you think I should
      train her first? And I’d like to make him a loving tame bird like the birds
      I see in your videos!

    • lily ds

      pleaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssse do a vid on how to tame Parakeets,
      specifically Plumb Headed Parrots. :”’C

    • grettz1

      I truly hope that people DON’T take your vid seriously. Obviously, you
      haven’t ever dealt with a truly aggressive grey. Being frightened is
      totally different than being aggressive and that bird is scared. The first
      major thing is the glove. It’s very well known that experienced owners
      NEVER use gloves. Gloves scare a bird and cause extreme aggression and the
      bird may possibly injure itself trying to get away. It’s too bad that this
      is YOUTUBE. You need lots of lessons on how to deal with truly aggressive
      greys but that only be accomplished by detailed Emails. Stop flattering
      yourself with your username.

    • Brimstone Moth

      I have a cockatiel and I don’t know how to train it… : (

    • Steve Miller

      You have spent 3 minutes and 21 seconds of your video to simply say “this
      bird is not tamed”. I don’t know what to call you!

    • Daniel T

      I would watch more of your videos if you would consider someone else
      talking. It’s not easy to understand what your saying. Not to mention, your
      voice hurts my ears. nuff said.

    • Will Waltaco

      I have a 17 year old adopted C.A.G “Congo African Grey” that was severely
      abused and only has one good eye due to a cataract in his other. He’s
      missing half a toe and his nostril has been deformed by what looks like a
      injury he got when he was young and beak was soft. I can tell you right now
      after seeing tons of other bird fix vids, that you are full of it. Had you
      approached mine with that stick and touched his back he would have gotten
      over that stick and bit the shit out of you. BTW we are great friends now

    • fivegreyparrots AnnAllen

      Thats NOT a wild African Grey parrot. 

    • pixar35 gaming

      i have an African grey he only likes my father he stand on his hand , he
      talk and play with him and he stand on his shoulders when i try to touch
      the parrot he keeps biting me his 14 years old.

    • PC Pelser

      All of your videos on “untamed” birds are completely useless. It’s obvious
      that they are tamed, they’re just a little frightened in the videos. Please
      upload videos of ACTUAL UNtamed parrots being tamed.

    • GlorytoChrist

      Really good job! Our grey has been tame since he was young, my mom raised
      him but he seems very attached to me lol. He has even bitten her, but has
      never bitten me and always comes to me lol. They are a lot of work though
      and need tons of attention. 

    • jamie zav

      where do you live can you come help us, we just got an african grey
      yesterday, it literally landed on a ladies head, she hasnt come out of her
      cage since being with us but we are going up to her cage and giving treats,
      and softly talking to her, but am scared to touch her as she tries to bite
      and even tries to bite the sheet i cover her with at night

    • RTiga

      Whether or not others are saying this is “fake” and you’re using a tamed
      parrot…I don’t care! Thank you for showing different ways to interact
      with aggressive parrots! This offers great insight on how to approach and
      actions to take!

    • Christopher Hindman

      umm, you should never NEVER have a wild caught bird… EVER. 

    • Fateme Nia

      I dont think you can tame my birds they are too wild :))

    • madmike2517

      5 minutes into the video he actualy does summat after repeating himself
      5000 times then threatens to twat the bird with a stick to let him stroke
      it :O lol :D

    • jonatan lossius

      u good! keep it up!

    • 1BarIsCritikal

      So far I’ve seen no one handle completely wild parrots in youtube!

    • Freddie Magotte

      I have male/female (Oscar and Ivy) African congo grey for rehoming, my wife
      will be out for a voluntary program for over 8months and my working program
      will not give me much time to stay at home with the birds especially as my
      son is joining navy and the birds will need more attention than I alone
      wont be able to give. message via email if interested to adopt them;

    • Gavin Ls Lyk

      Man i love your videos but you should stop repeating the same thing over
      and over it gets annoying with time. But hey you’re a great Tamer! Keep it
      up! 🙂

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Hi we apologise for any inconvienience . It is now being fixed and in a few
      minutes we are also uploading an edited, higher quality and much clearer
      one with better sound.

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Some approaches where taken in the same day before this video was done.
      Gosha used to fly everywhere if we ever approach it. It will go up the
      cabinet, go on the table, go on the floor which we showed in our video. It
      used to run away until we set its comfortable spot there where it feels
      very comfortable which is where we begun the training process !

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Okay , provide us with some details so we can answer ur question and help
      u. 1. how long have u had ur bird and did it bite previously?. 2.does it
      shout or scream and suddenly bites? 3, does it go to bite u or only when u
      offer it ur hand?. 4. can u handfeed it?.

    • Omar Gonzalez

      3:20 thats where the actual work begins, You are welcome 🙂

    • Parrot Whisperer

      avoid placing perches near him. First wing trim him at an expert and then
      begin the training process. Start with the target trick the handfeeding,
      pettingness and finally tricks. Watch the video named “Best training
      african grey video” and “taming an african grey part 1” both are in my
      channel which will help you step by step on each and everything you must do
      including the steps mentioned above . Good luck !

    • 1BarIsCritikal

      The bird was somewhat tame, not 100% wild. I can tell since it wouldn’t fly
      at an instant nor bite before even touching it. Try handling a bird that
      will fly at the moment it sees you approaching! Then ill give anyone props
      for that!…its possible because I’ve done it and am currently doing it
      with a meyers and nanday

    • Sagar Bandkar


    • shahed she

      i got 1 of those birds today and the day i buyed him he is so kind

    • Sagar Bandkar

      CAN I STOP IT?

    • Sagar Bandkar

      i m having 2 indian ringneck 1 male 1 female, however female only biting
      start from we had her from about 1 year. yes it shout & scream .she bites
      only when i offer her hand. i can only handfeed her when she is in cage, if
      she is on top of the cage at time when i offer food she concentrate on
      biting my hand

    • Abdulla Al Jenaibi

      u do realize there is no sound after the initial pointless minute of music.

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Hey !, We have a video that is called “how to stop your bird from biting ”
      and another called “Understanding bird behaviours and solving all problems”
      both explain clearly the secret to “stop biting”. Check it out and update
      us !

    • Parrot Whisperer

      It is indeed and was owned by an owner named mohamed , He requested us to
      train it. We were told it was never HANDHELD, UNHANDFED and had huge bites
      which we also experienced

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Thank u for ur question. This bird is owned by a customer and within 3
      weeks of following bird tameness’ methadologies , gregory has become
      nonbiting, cuddly, loves being petted and performs some basic tricks !. The
      owner was glad to see his bird transform in such a short period !

    • asal ramadan

      If I were to put a stick near my bird, he would growl his head off. We
      purchased a 1.5 year old african grey 2.5 months ago and he will growl very
      loudly and try to run away if we try to pet him or put our hands near him
      to give him treats. I’ve tried even using his perch to get him to step up
      but he just starts growling and flies away. Any tips?

    • Sagar Bandkar

      i have checked u r videos they are good but i can’t ignore bites of my
      parrot it’s bites so hard that i can’t take. if i ignore she will continue
      to bite harder and harder till blood comes.

    • James Eggett

      OMG half way through ! Get on with it !!

    • Acha Velma

      Talkative african grey parrot for adoption and they are so beautiful and
      full of sweetness. They are playful, healthy and happy. We love them and
      you will too. they are up to date health wise. They are also DNA tested and
      are great talkers and learners. I have pictures to show. they are great
      talkative and can produce up to 50basic English words and sing songs in
      English like jingle bells and happy birthday. So email now

    • Parrot Whisperer

      Thank u , checkout the other similar progress videos named : . “Taming a
      wild scared & growling african grey -d2″ then ” Stop your parrot from
      growling and screaming today!-step 3 ” thanks. like our helpful facebook
      page named bird tameness .

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