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    • buti alshaer

      hi how much hyacinth macaw

    • zr1fevr

      I recently joined a couple hyacinth groups on Facebook & a lot people say they love those too. I have boing ropes hanging from my ceilings,  but I think all my macaws would love those also. What else do you feed your hy's? My 8 month old is pretty picky right now, want to get her on a good diet at an early age. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions..


    • zr1fevr

      It's a total scam. I looked at all their videos, I recognize several from other users. I reported 2 to YouTube as fraud, scams earlier today. I am going to keep checking to make sure they get removed.

    • zr1fevr

      Where do you get you mac nuts from?

    • zr1fevr

      Just checking, but I see another user showing your video, this one, & says they are selling birds. Not sure if you have another account & do sell, but wanted to let you know…

    • 1boidae

      She is soooo beautiful!!!

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