There’s nothing more special than bonding with your pet parrot especially when you learn how to teach your parrot to talk! If you’ve ever heard a parrot talk, you know it’s a pretty spectacular trick. Teaching a parrot to talk takes patience, a perch, and a lot of tasty treats. The types of birds that are known for talking are macaws, african grey parrots, cockatiels, and cockatoos. Although most pet birds are capable of mimicking sounds or vocalizing, most of the time it’s the big birds that tend to be more likely to talk. If you want to learn how to teach parrots to talk, just know that not all pet birds are prone to talking. Birds are all unique, just like people. Some pet birds are super social and tend to be on the chatty side. Other types of birds can be a little more shy. Even birds within the same species can be different. So if you’re wondering “Can a parrot talk?” the answer is…It depends! But whether you have a super social macaw or a cockatiel on the quieter side, it’s probably best not to force your birds to talk. Those videos of parrots talking seem super cool, but keep in mind that your bird buddy might be camera shy! A talking parrot is certainly a fun trick for your feathered friend to learn. Plus, teaching your parrot new words and tricks is a fun and engaging way to strengthen your bird bond. If you think african grey parrots are awesome or want to kick it with some conures, take flight and subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget that isn’t just all about dog supplies! We’ve got everything your parrot pal needs and more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn how to teach parrots to talk!

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Dr. Byron J.S. de la Navarre, D.V.M., Chief of Staff, at Animal House of Chicago, Complete Veterinary Care

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    • Takyi Justice

      Please what food can I give to my ringneck parrot

    • HeftyChonkieYT

      It's 4 am I can't sleep and I don't have a parrot, what the hell am I doing

    • etoro Johnson

      My African grey is 9 months old , I just got her few days ago but she is looking at me all the time I give her food. Can she talk please I need advice I really love her

    • ItsKyo

      Thank you very much! I'm trying to train my parrot to speak and I needed a small tip on how to do it 😁

    • Andžela Kukolenko

      my parrot not saying anything

    • noobplayer(ac130fco)

      My parrot saus oha oh gan……

    • Wayfarer

      I tried to teach my bird a few words, he told me to fck off

    • DJ static sa

      mine says nothing shes a african gray about 1 year old

    • Ryan

      My parrot sais "you dirty rat"

    • Alden Kemuel Doss

      Wow thanks a lot 😁😁 this is really helpful

    • Raquel Piris

      My parrot can say kiss and what doing

    • Almaz Ismail

      My parrot can say taleeeah taleaah ..jy jy.. jy willie woor nie

    • Ohmnath N

      My parrot loves to eat and bath he is active the all time but he sleeps with me

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