Teach your Parrot to Say Hello! – Parrot Talk – How to Teach your parrot to talk the easy way! Just press play on this video or playlist, set to repeat and walk away! the video will play for your bird and teach him to speak. Repetition is key for your parrot to learn human words and this channel will make it easy for you!

Dont forget to subscribe for more words in the future and feel free to request words or phrases that you want your bird to learn. I would be happy to make a video for you!

    21 replies to "Teach your Parrot to say Hello! – Parrot Talk"

    • @SarahRamcallie2012

      Omg 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thank you for this upload . I was getting tired of looking for a video to teach my parrot to talk .

    • @Zmazaid

      i am testing this with my cockatiels

      i will respond if they say hello

    • @jaxondavis8446

      How often should I play this for my 8 month old budgies before they start saying it?

    • @FreshAppleSlices

      I put this on whenever a scammer calls me. Thank you 🙏💖

    • @1video617

      Does this work with conures

    • @bethjones7691

      are you watching the foot ball game

    • @nyc132132

      can i play this to a telemarketer?

    • @HuongNguyen-pr7wq

      I’m going to teach my parrot!


      I have a 8 month old alexandrine male and he's just got his tone and voice really starting to come through I talk to him every chance i get if he does end up talking will this help?

    • @sarah73928

      Do budgies tend to talk as much as parrots? i have two and im trying to teach them to talk!😁

    • @omkapre2838

      Does it work for wild parrots

    • @fahmidaafrin2821

      I play this and my bird says haho when I leave the room

    • @halimarandomchannel3250

      Will this work for my aggressive (female) Indian ring neck and my traumatised (male) Indian ringneck??

    • @rehanakousar9427

      Dose it work on parrotlet

    • @liambbx1988

      Does this work for alexandrine parrots

    • @Shahid_khan762

      Does this work for blue head pionus parrot

    • @katara7717

      does this work for parrotlets? if anyone knows please let me know!

    • @Ravi-mw6gi

      didn't work for my bird : (

    • @ronjoseph8334

      Do yellow crowned amazons talk well

    • @W-meme

      Parrot torture 😁

    • @farahd7539

      My African grey ITS just sitting and watching around

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