Need to head out for the day but still want to teach your Parrot to talk?

Play them this video and it will train them to say Hello, Whatta you doing, Goodmorning & I Love you! included 1 hour breaks between each word.

Background sounds:

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    15 replies to "Teach your Parrot to say Hello, Whatta you doing, Goodmorning & I Love you! (With 1 hour breaks)"

    • Tiny Plane Productions

      Our Caique learned Hello from this video in just thirty minutes of playing it! Make sure your parrot is in a comfortable place, and try it just before sunset. Going to be trying more of these videos now!

    • HC Q

      I’m hoping my 11 mo. old female cockatiel will start talking. She started singing and flying already. Thanks for the vid.

    • Oh My

      Ion know bout the parrot but I can finally say Hello so I can guarantee it's working

    • D Donawan

      My parrot is loving this hello

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    • InjuredXhee

      Can you teach parrot say the N-word

    • Top hat cubing

      this really helps my birds shut up, and teach them how to talk. I'm typing as this is playing🐦

    • por schelep

      I understand advertising makes the world go round, but my bird doesn't make my buying decisions,,,,,,, most of the time. I don't spend more than a few seconds watching, then leave my bird to his speech lessons. For the sake of my bird, maybe you should develop a lesson to teach him how to hit 'skip ads'.

    • Max Green

      I don’t really need to speak bird because when I grow up I’m gonna have a parrot so that It can copy what I say🙃

    • Shemeem aziz

      It worked for me, I can say hello every 30 seconds, my wife might kick me out of my house soon

    • Pompompurin

      What happened to your " Peekaboo " video ?

    • Sai Krishna

      My bird is still learning

    • T.H.

      Is there anyway to get these audio files? We would love to try this but our internet is not the greatest and it's weighing down the wifi.

    • Bangkok Life By Nuning Pratiwi Saebani

      Cute … 🙂 birds song 🙂

    • A. Kwanten

      I don't know the age of my amazons (25?) but I have them 2 years and they only say what they knew already probably what they learned when they were young. Is that how it works? One says: I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away (Nelly Furtado) Kind of sad but it makes me laugh too.

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