Teach your Parrot to Say I Love You! – Parrot Talk – How to Teach your parrot to talk the easy way! Just press play on this video or playlist, set to repeat and walk away! the video will play for your bird and teach him to speak. Repetition is key for your parrot to learn human words and this channel will make it easy for you!

Dont forget to subscribe for more words in the future and feel free to request words or phrases that you want your bird to learn. I would be happy to make a video for you!

    22 replies to "Teach your Parrot to say I Love You! – Parrot Talk"

    • @mbathegamer3868

      How long does it take for a green parrot

    • @kitkatleakey

      my bird listen to this every day ,thanks !

    • @nikol9480

      Is this for lorikeet??

    • @maiktayson9152

      Will try this with my amazon 4y

    • @alainterieur5004

      just sent that to my father
      hope he'll learn

    • @rainbowkolorme978

      Love this👍

    • @cecillemanangkila6125

      I have 3 birds but they never lisent😭😭😭😂😂😂😂☹️🤣☹️

    • @cathyt144

      Hey PARROT TALK, can you please do an I LOVE YOU using a females voice? Thank you. 😀

    • @getfitordietrying2874

      How long does it take for a yellow naped Amazon?

    • @DomiAnimations

      Does it work for budgies?

    • @sonnycoleman9290

      how long dose this take to work ?Because i have a show bird and trying to teach her this to say for her compotion!

    • @mmmfun77

      I am going to have my two birds listen to this every night separately and see what happens. Thank you…

    • @cartershircel

      how long would it take for an African grey?

    • @ejazch6926

      Very help full thankyou bro love u

    • @mcneal3607

      does this work for cinnamon green cheek conures?

      Well lets find out!

    • @thatbenzguy7494

      Does it work for budgies?

    • @isaiahadams9089

      can you do more like thankyou good morning that funny pretty bird etc

    • @diamondtheparakeet332

      yay i can talk now 🙂 thanks!

    • @darlenepfaff7596

      on average about how long does it take to teach a bird to talk

    • @yungstupidgamer


    • @spirosdimeggelis6334

      Does it work for indian ringneck?

    • @jozlynmorris3137

      This worked for my two budgies Roger And Billy

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