Hoe je je vogel traint
Dit zal je papegaai helpen om snel hallo te leren zeggen en
het zal effectief zijn voor alle papegaaien soorten die weten te leren:
Ara, Afrikaanse grijze, valkparkiet, Indiase halsband en ze zullen binnen de kortste keren hallo zeggen
Papegaaienpraat | Pratende papegaai
Leer je papegaai praten
Hoe papegaai te leren praten
Train je papegaai om hallo te zeggen



    • GAME_Z

      aww my bird tried to say it awwwwwww


      Thanks for this. My alligator can now say Peekaboo fluently

    • Ehrin kayashi little aviary

      my love bird say pek a boo

    • Safa parveen 5-H, 34

      Will my 6 month Alexandrine Parrot 🦜 will learn???

    • Soman Farooq

      My parrot is quite all the time. I think he is not happy with me 😔. He knows how to whistle he did that in the pet shop but now he doesn’t make any sound. He is sitting in one place all the time and I pic him up and put him on my shoulder but he does nothing. He doesn’t play with me and looks sad 😢. Please help me by telling me some ways in which I can make him active and happy.

    • Soman Farooq

      Can someone please tell me how to know the age of your parrot.

    • Methi B

      My bird loves it,

    • Donovan Jacobs

      My parrot is running away from the sounds

    • Bracelet besties

      Y’all’s are saying it or not saying it mine is saying meow

    • alreadyuhnime

      I ma put airpods in my alexander parrot ears so he learns😫😫

    • hey12z

      Thank you my lovely ringneck parakeet learned from this video (-:💙

    • A

      Does this work with mynah's????

    • Bobbi Foth

      The LAST thing you want to teach your Congo is “Peak a boo “
      or any goo goo baby talk sentence
      Good grief

      As an owner of rehab parrots that live 80 years, don’t teach swear words or cutesy stuff – it will drive the next owner of this parrot to go crazy
      I give this video advice 10 thumbs down

    • Luis Camacho

      Peek a boo 😅

    • Chubby Ducky

      Does this work with a about 10 yo cockatoo? I just started using this

    • Irma Shields

      No. Peakaboo

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