Teach Your Parrot To Say Hello In 30 Minutes

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Teach Your Parrot To Say PEAKABOO
How To Train Your Bird
This will help your parrot to quickly learn to say hello and it will be helpful to all Parrot breed which are know to learn
Macaw African Grey Cockatiel Indian Ringneck and they will be saying hello in no time
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How To Teach Parrot To Talk
Train Your Parrot to Say Hello


    • GAME_Z

      aww my bird tried to say it awwwwwww


      Thanks for this. My alligator can now say Peekaboo fluently

    • Ehrin kayashi little aviary

      my love bird say pek a boo

    • yammy
    • Safa parveen 5-H, 34

      Will my 6 month Alexandrine Parrot 🦜 will learn???

    • Soman Farooq

      My parrot is quite all the time. I think he is not happy with me 😔. He knows how to whistle he did that in the pet shop but now he doesn’t make any sound. He is sitting in one place all the time and I pic him up and put him on my shoulder but he does nothing. He doesn’t play with me and looks sad 😢. Please help me by telling me some ways in which I can make him active and happy.

    • Soman Farooq

      Can someone please tell me how to know the age of your parrot.

    • Methi B

      My bird loves it,

    • Donovan Jacobs

      My parrot is running away from the sounds

    • Bracelet besties

      Y’all’s are saying it or not saying it mine is saying meow

    • alreadyuhnime

      I ma put airpods in my alexander parrot ears so he learns😫😫

    • hey12z

      Thank you my lovely ringneck parakeet learned from this video (-:💙

    • A

      Does this work with mynah's????

    • Bobbi Foth

      The LAST thing you want to teach your Congo is “Peak a boo “
      or any goo goo baby talk sentence
      Good grief

      As an owner of rehab parrots that live 80 years, don’t teach swear words or cutesy stuff – it will drive the next owner of this parrot to go crazy
      I give this video advice 10 thumbs down

    • Luis Camacho

      Peek a boo 😅

    • Chubby Ducky

      Does this work with a about 10 yo cockatoo? I just started using this

    • Irma Shields

      No. Peakaboo

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