THE African Grey! Ruby, The swearing parrot. WARNING! SWEARING PARROT!
Very Strong Language. Adults Only

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    • Jojo gun

      ‘bonjour’ bless u and ur lovely birds 

    • DutchModelTrains

      Sounds like shes saying fag

    • Esther Krykant

      Hours of fun I love you ruby 

    • Mellisa Vogel

      Right you are! Christie stanley

    • Jodie Bradley

      I don’t think she’s saying Jill, to me it sounds like Joel. I might be
      wrong, but it sounds like it to me.

    • Mary Blumer

      That’s creepy!!!

    • ami roberts

      I don’t think she’s saying ‘Jill’, to me it sounds like she’s saying the
      second half of ‘bonjour’- ‘jour’

    • Kris Goldsworth

      Sir I do believe that this beautiful bird has tarets syndrome.

    • crisstie stanley

      I have read that animals can actually see our loved ones that pass away, so
      you may have been being visited by your sister’s spirit. I don’t know
      anything about birds, but it seems logical to me that if that is so, maybe
      he was just saying in his own way,Welcome home. Smile to yourself when he
      mentions your sister. Maybe a friend or family member taught him that as
      kind of a surprise for you. Beautiful and funny bird. I love him.

    • cosworthlady

      Ruby’s back!

    • Ksenija Gvozdic


    • Matthew Holmes

      Ha ha

    • AzumangaGirl101

      “Jill died, sweetheart”

    • Kristina Hoerler

      Thats pretty cool, its like Ruby found a way to connect you with your
      sister. The world is an amazing place we cannot always explain it.

    • katie Eaton

      ruby is often imitated but never equilled the best parrot on utube

    • April Gorman

      I want this bird!!

    • katie Eaton

      funny ruby is the best

    • gg19bbt

      lol. wow……………………..

    • Justinea F

      Awe what a beatfuil bird, its sad though thats his saying her name :(

    • irvingcsaltzburg

      0:28 ……………wut?


    • InnannasRainbow

      Jill may have been there, just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean the
      bird can’t.

    • Amanda Lee Dube

      Ruby is one of the great hidden gems of youtube :)

    • Ralph Jordan

      What does “cunt” mean?

    • shaun marshall

      London has 1000s of green parrots flying wild. My friend from the north
      thought i was kidding. the noise they make between them is great.

    • hette kloosterman

      Can i buy that bird? LOL

    • tuulenkoti

      ‘Ok stop it now girl’ ‘Prick!’

    • VinnyCentio


    • SkyHigh87

      I love how she goes “What?” when you start speaking French 🙂

    • cirisimo

      does ruby means ostrich at 0:38 hahhahahhaaa

    • WildWillow5

      Amazinggg bird wow

    • Chris Gadd

      wow thats amazing !! how she just said your sisters name like that im sorry
      for your loss and your ruby is amazing mate i love her 🙂

    • bertbile

      Sorry to hear you lost your sister!

    • CowgirlCaz

      I don’t know whether Ruby was trying to say “Jour” for Bonjour or Jill. But
      it doesn’t matter either way … what really strikes me is how she SEEMED
      to understand the term “she died” … because immediately after Ruby says
      “Goodbye.” Love this bird – always sends me into a giggle fit. I will be
      getting my own CAG in a few weeks (once he’s paid off lol). I will be
      TRYING to NOT allow him to learn those words lol

    • Leah Tysse

      lol I didn’t notice it much until I read your comment and then when back
      and listened to it again. Totally LOLed!

    • catharine1967

      Gosh I Love Ruby , happy to found your channel because of ruby i learn some
      bad words , Twat is my favo word

    • Emmakeup14

      I need one of these birds. ugh. one day.

    • dee wilson


    • Sabina K


    • Tonto Rockatoo


    • CyberNeticRodent

      I thing she is saying Jour… from Bonjour.

    • kieranlines76

      I’ve been watching Ruby for years since I lived in England. I moved from
      Leicester in 2008 and now live in Perth Australia. thanx for posting all
      these videos you pair are amazing. I think the Jill thing is freaky too.

    • tsilvestri3

      Animal’s are better than human’s….

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