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    11 replies to "THE African Grey! Ruby, The swearing parrot. X Rated Parrot 32."

    • Kamdais

      The way she annunciates the word “twat” makes me giggle & down right guffaw

    • Amaya Nightshade

      “shut up, twat” lol

    • Zorg2006

      2:54 is amazing. *Bang* – she jumps, laughs and says ‘you’re not funny’.

    • TheShadowdetective12

      nick: a nice message for youtube. ruby: here my titties *flys on the

    • miras202

      did she said “you getting more food?” at 0.10???

    • donna wil

      she says your not getting anymore food lol

    • Gogar88

      Common! Nice message for youtube? Flies into camera. Made me ROLF!

    • 12345kps

      I love how she says oh my god

    • honeybld67

      Can you see her in a weight watchers or jenny craig commercial, sittin on
      top of an icebox…..”Your not getting more food! Fat Bastard/Twat!! LOL.
      okay maybe not so much the fat bastard or twat….(ediiiiiit) LMAO

    • Ilse Gort

      I have a lot of respect for the fact that you have both a parrot and a
      dobermann, they are not exactly low-maintenance pets! Not only that, but
      they both look really good, healthy, happy and loved :). Keep up the
      awesome work, you three never fail to make me smile!

    • MrProudAthiest

      Such a nice natured bird (despite the swearing…ha ha)…I wish I could
      have a parrot. I couldn’t take care of it unfortunately.

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