THE African Grey! Ruby, The swearing parrot. WARNING! SWEARING PARROT!
Very Strong Language. Adults Only

    35 replies to "THE African Grey! Ruby, The swearing parrot. X Rated Parrot 62."

    • Nathan Gordon

      that was seriously funny

    • mamypokopants

      is that a canary in the background

    • Original Gainster


    • ahmed mohdhar

      A parrot with a British accent..that sounds pretty cool yeah…Haa Haa

    • Becky Parr

      No matter what u say to them thay pick it up my antie got one n ages only a
      year old and swears n all so says nice things thay just pick it up 

    • Amber Gordon

      1:00 mark Ruby said ”yoink” lmao

    • Bethany White


    • jmorrowbel

      too bad people teach them this sort of thing. :(

    • Teresa P

      Nothing smart just shows how intelligent the owner is…..

    • Amanda Lee Dube

      She’s so beautiful! And such a great personality. You’re a lucky fat
      bastard! :)

    • Kelly Smith
    • Hans Peter

      Youre not funny! 😀

    • Kalahan Eagle


    • RetroCaptain

      Sounded like “I fly”, as in “I want out” (outside).

    • LisaHannah Hopkins

      God I miss my African Grey…..

    • lighthouse44

      Holy crap, I’m laughing so hard I can barely breath!

    • Sakura Setsuka

      that bird makes me lose it completely! lmfao love it!

    • 06hatter

      high five you freak

    • HybridSquidGirl

      😀 I love how you just talk to her and all she can say is rude things right
      back. She’s precious <3

    • Danielle Coulston

      while its so funny, i donot enjoy that obviously this guy spends alot of
      time swearing at his parrot :O its still funny as hell though!

    • PASCHDigiMedia

      Not one mention of “bollocks”?

    • el nino

      Excuse the French!

    • karen hosie

      i love ruby she is so funny always makes me smile xx

    • oziejoe

      Can’t help it…This f_____g parrot is funny!!!

    • Ryan Lloyd

      He’s Got Tourettes Lol

    • Droid Mann

      That’s so funny! I love African Grey’s they’re my favorite. I have one
      whose very silly

    • robbieatewaffles jim

      i was gonna make that comment then found that you already did :pp

    • redade19

      Roo always cheers me up, I’m her number one fan!

    • NaTe d

      its funny when birds sware

    • Deathkiller255


    • Sam-UK

      I dont know whats funnier the guy laughing or the parrot.They’re combined
      force 5*

    • Laura Brooker

      I bloody love ruby, cheers me up after a shit day!

    • Rachel Agove


    • We Remotely Low

      If I owned that bird it would probably make my self esteem plummet. xD

    • Jessica Uknown

      You guys should see her other video where she says STFU and F off u twat!

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