44 replies to "The Parrot vs The Cat : Dance Battle on Gangnam Style"

    • Steven nAli


    • Jenny Corneliusson

      SO SWEET 

    • DachOfficial

      0:25 – 0:26 It sounds like the parrot is saying “Stop”. 

    • Eve Ross

      You call that dance it is more than dance
      I am going to tell my friends ( LOL LAUGH out LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

    • katarzyna przylucka

      The cat wins parot 0.0 CAT 10000 .100000

    • Sean Wilson

      cute how he knocking on the table

    • Sonja Gronlund

      Bird: 9.5. Cat: 3

    • Rumael Abbasi

      The parrot looks like its drunk at the start lol

    • Matt H

      BIRD WINS!!! :D

    • angelo pellegrino
    • hersheebaby18

      comment ta fait lui aprendre a dancer comme ca… c vraiment drole! 

    • Friesian Filly

      He like snuck out in front of the cat LOL

    • Friesian Filly

      Awww the bird tripped the cat aww how silly

    • Anna Müller

      many birds seem to like gangnam style!

    • mohamed aswar

      oh oh oh good……,,,,, dance @ gd sog

    • jenna hunt

      bird wins

    • Enjoy227

      thats one fat cat

    • BlueLightLily

      That bird’s rocking out haha

    • slo glo

      so cuuuuuuuuuuuute

    • MeMoTie

      1:00 cat: “you actually like that?..”

    • Roberto Jr. Gilnei

      totally crazy!

    • robert hall

      cat: why am i here ? bird: i love dancing !

    • gia sdnumde

      Parrot: i challenge you to a dance off Cat: bring it on Parrot: (bobs head)
      Cat: O.O ok you win!

    • Thor Nielsen

      That cat got served!

    • Koolgirl5671

      Lol he was smacking his face on the table

    • Jestina Bernard

      Cat: “really you guys..”

    • Candace Matthews

      1:13 : now we are about to- break it down!

    • crack

      i think your parrot is broken

    • Austin yoler


    • Ella Nicholson

      Aww bless its little heart it sounds just like i in a place 4 gangnamstyle
      for birds lol

    • vladimir aquino

      i want that cat….

    • Hi'Im Ben

      Go Home Bird You’re Drunk!

    • uppanadam74

      I love watching pets with Gangnam Style…I get a bit excited and start
      jiggying in my chair while watching…such a catchy tune!!

    • Lisa Vela

      the bird has lost it

    • Gogar88

      0:41 Get out the way freak!

    • raider fan

      The parrot is the new version of happy feet

    • X-dog

      The cat dosent want to dance he whats a snack

    • Shadowcat107

      The parrot won the dance off. What a nice beautiful cat? ;D

    • Rigby Fists

      Epic Bird

    • Gemz Coolness

      LOVED this sooo much! Your parrot is wicked!! xxxxx You can tell he
      actually enjoys dancing haha

    • SuperMissblueeyes

      Parrot wins! What a boring cat! Lol!

    • Elizabeth E

      wow that’s a beautiful cat.. it looks like a lion-must be one of the exotic
      breeds….keep dancing birdie haha I liked when it started hopping

    • wnazgul

      he challenge the cat to a battle of dance ! x)

    • jpelletier03

      Cat: “The bird has lost it. Can I eat him NOW???” lol

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