Bibi supervises breakfast preparation. And gets into mischief.

    22 replies to "The Unsinkable Bibi – African Grey parrot"

    • Ariel L.

      These birds’ vocalizations are so life-like, my aunt has one and any time
      we go over we have to double-check who we-re talking to because she can
      mimic my aunt’s voice PERFECTLY. I love these birds!

    • Sarah B

      I love how she insists that everything is purple. My favorite color! 🙂

    • Matthew Holmes

      ha ha she poops and then wants a berry little bugger!

    • runwiththewild

      Cute, My Dad had an African grey. quite intelligent

    • Tracy Griffiths

      looking good Bibi!

    • Aleah Wallette

      @AnimalSites i think becaue of the beeping he or she thought he was

    • Lisa Joyner

      I love Bibi thanks for sharing her with us I was just joking with my boss I
      work at a OF resort in Myrtle Beach we should Hire BIBI to sell rooms

    • annabunny001

      So cute!!

    • Mary B

      Bibi loves to say, “purple!” She is so sweet – love Bibi!!

    • D Lindsey

      well…actually…grape IS purple

    • free13pink

      i see ur Bibi has no long blck fathers on the right side of her wing..i
      have the same problem with my Lola..she flew on the floor and broke one of
      that black long father and after she cuted all of them on the right
      side…i dont know what to do:-(..can u help me with some ideas ?

    • Tickles the dolphin

      “What colors that?” “Circle!” LMFAO

    • ginnylrunyan

      What color? That’s a circle. What an amazing grey. Do you just have one
      bird? I love Bibi. My first bird was a grey and talked up a storm until I
      got amazons and they sang and talked and he just clammed up. Bibi is such a
      great talker.

    • D Lindsey

      the wing is clipped to keep her from flying away

    • morningdewable

      i luv Bibi , i watch she for hours on your channel, soooooooo swweeet. sooo
      smart. Thank you Kelly& Greg Sorry about Pete i know how much you all must
      miss him, best of health to you and all your family pets

    • Alexis Rowan

      hahah she knows colors and shapes now! awesome!!! I love you Bibi!

    • Aleah Wallette

      Hey how did gracie and bibi cost when you bought her because my mom is
      thinking of buyin a grey parrot

    • AnimalSites

      @dwarrren9 You don’t like English language? ;>

    • TenouHaruka0

      The meow is spot on! You must have a cat for the bird to imitate 😀

    • mercifulmaenad


    • vanessa40

      My daughter loves rice cakes too

    • RosesofWillows

      i Love how she beep radio sounds once in a while.

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