Thousands upon thousands of African Grey Parrots are are caught in the wild and exported to South Africa and emerging markets.

Caught in nets and snares at drinking points. Chicks and eggs poached from wild nests. Hundreds dying during capture and transit when traders see them as having NO value. Fed on peanuts and crammed into crates like stuffed toys. Only when the trader drives away from the airport in South Africa do the remaining parrots become worth a lot of money. Who cares where they came from or what they went through to get there?

We need to HALT all further imports of wild-caught African Grey Parrots into South Africa. Import levels have peaked at levels that make it impossible for local parrot breeders to compete and remain in business. We are seeing a trend developing that spells doom for African Greys in the wild.

Stand up and be counted. Together we can stop this…

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    44 replies to "The unsustainable African Grey Parrot trade in South Africa"

    • Fayn

      I don’t know what can be done that can make a big impact. If people don’t
      stop buying instead of adopting, nothing will happen, this is so upsetting!

    • krys kowadlo

      makes me mad too.

    • فراس ابو كرار

      We want a small facet parrots and tagger Pallaid to the State of Iraq

    • فراس ابو كرار

      We want a small facet parrots and tagger Pallaid to the State of Iraq

    • فراس ابو كرار

      نحن نريد وجبه الى العراق

    • silverraven801

      They do not belong in our homes the only resin I have birds is because I

    • Nicky_ C

      Omfg I wanna kill those people that treat poor bird like that

    • kosmosmom

      This just makes me SICK! I own an African Grey Parrot and I love him like
      he is my child I can’t imagine anyone treating any animals like this.
      Something needs to be done.

    • dehacked79

      The easiest way to make sure your bird is captive bred is to make sure they
      have solid rings, not the bendable ones. Ban imports from Central Africa
      but support local industry.

    • Carey Feazel

      All I can say is “Why? Why do this there are plenty of them available
      through captive breeding programs so why this? This makes me sick!!!

    • J Nevin

      What a travesty! Such a lovable bird treated like that.

    • Barbara Goldfuss

      This is so tragic.As a grey lover, this was extremly hard to watch.It left
      me in tears.The goverment is at,s so cruel.These horrid people
      should be packed in big wooden boxes and driven out in the jungle and left
      to die there!!!!! When is this gping to stop? These dear souls do not
      deserve this severe inhumane treatment.

    • Benito Lazcano

      Bastards who do such things to such an intellignt creature, god damn them
      to their karma. My Sofia is from a breeder, nobody should buy these birds
      and the trade will stop

    • touly26 Lo

      Stop the traffic !!! Laissez les perroquets vivrent en paix dans la nature !

    • Purple Karakasa

      Those poor African greys. I’m glad my bird is healthy.

    • Tara Tiki

      Excellent interview that breaks my heart.

    • Sally Morgans

      I have these cute African Congo grey parrots for re-homing and they are so
      beautiful and full of sweetness. They are playful, healthy and happy. We
      love them and you will too. they are up to date health wise. They are also
      DNA tested and are great talkers and learners. I have pictures to show. We
      are experienced and can offer help after you accept to re-home them . So
      interested persons should contact me asap for more infos and pics. text
      (405) 548-5801 or email now

    • Rick Pospisil

      I have an African Grey. We love him but after this experience I would never
      imprison another bird again.

    • annie46664

      TOO SAD! Shocking! People must bear in mind, that if Americans & Europeans
      hadn’t robbed & raped African nations of their natural resources, leaving
      the people with nothing, & their leaders the only beneficiaries, bird,
      animal & HUMAN trade wouldn’t be nearly as chronic. Don’t get me wrong, I
      am also fully aware of what the White SA Apartheid regime did to rob the SA
      Black population. Most wouldn’t believe how many Rhinos are currently been
      poached for their horns! Asians are responsible there!

    • jagur 1993

      I had an African grey , never caged him

    • theenchantedhorse

      what kind of bird is the 3:15??? (black)

    • ikeshenn

      @annie46664 yes its true… I wander though what could be done. I mean in
      deeper meaning of the problem. The poachers are doing this for money, more
      jobs need to be created and as we go into this problem it is getting more
      complicated. People want to survive feed their children… those who are
      responsible for these basic needs at the higher governmental level need to
      do their job-to create jobs. I think. Is NEVER EASY to change the world.

    • ChrilleCrocodile

      Can you get rid of the noise (the tone?) Keep up the good work, regards
      Christian Cederroth

    • Steve Boyes

      To stay up-to-date on the latest developments in our fight to halt the
      wild-caught bird trade and save the Critically Endangered Cape Parrot,
      please find us on Facebook and Twitter. World Parrot Trust Africa/Wild Bird
      Trust/Percy FitzPatrick Institute

    • Ellen Uittenbogaard

      @DrSteveBoyes Will share Steve!

    • S van vliet

      Will do. I have made a small donation to the WPT. How else can we help from

    • jertom63

      Heartbreaking! We posted it on
      and we hope many people all over the world who care for the terrible thing
      that is happening to these parrots will do the same. Everybody has to know
      and as you wrote: Stand up, together we can stop this! Greetings from The
      Netherlands, Geer and Greetje.

    • Kathleen Cooke

      The treatment of these birds makes me furious. We have a rescue African
      Grey who is well cared for and loved. Thank you for exposing the horror of
      the bird trade.

    • Veronika M


    • WorldParrotRefuge

      Thank you for posting this.: have shared this on our World Parrot Refuge
      facebook page. People need to know what’s happening “outside the petshop”.
      We have over 800 birds in our refuge and more come in every month. We’ve
      been following the Limbe Wildlife Centre efforts and sharing those, as well.

    • Carolyn brown


    • S van vliet

      @jertom63 Hi, this breaks my heart because we have a parrot. How can we get
      together raise some funds for this trust from Holland? email me on maybe we can get some parrot lovers to join forces
      to raise funds for the trust.

    • Diana Megginson

      They need to make the penalty for capturing wild birds for the intention of
      selling them for money, Death. Just like they do many of the birds. Give
      them Death.

    • theenchantedhorse

      3:39 have the American flag in the head, =-*

    • jertom63

      @MsSvanvliet Thanks you for the reply on our comment. We’ve send you a
      e-mail. Greetings Geer and Greetje

    • BirdLoversOnly

      Bravo! This video is magnificent. I hope it reaches each and every bird
      owner and potential bird owner. Irena Schulz – Bird Lovers Only

    • polytelismedia

      Parrots do not make good pets even though we may love them dearly. They are
      best left in the wild. Take the money you might spend on a parrot and visit
      the country it came from. Support Eco tourism in regions where parrots
      still fly wild. You wouldnt keep a dog in a cage in your home. A parrot
      should not be in one either. Educate educate … Parrots are stressed in
      captivity even domestically raised birds. Visit parrots in a rehab center
      to see them up close and film them in the wild.

    • Rose Long

      This makes me SICK!!!

    • WolfSis69

      Hard to think of anything much sadder. I have a Grey and I have learned my
      lesson!!! I will not be buying any more birds, even if they say they are
      people raised. You just never know. I LOVE my birds all of whom I think are
      people raised or I would not have gotten them. They were all babies. But
      this is barbaric and wrong and has to stop!! Poor birds!!!

    • theenchantedhorse

      this breaks my heart =’-(

    • Steve Boyes


    • Dimitri Deharak

      I CANT WATCH THIS! IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART! I know it goes on Everyday BUT

    • Wuapopepo

      This Is so sad ..

    • Renée W

      Heart-rending and cruel!

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