20 Year old Blue and Gold Macaw named “Topaz”, Talks his head off, sings, dances, makes funny comments and jokes, so close to context, it’s scary, lol…. Feel free to ask any ?’s or give input, more video’s to come.. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe!!

    4 replies to "“Topaz” The Blue & Gold Macaw, Talking and making funny’s!"

    • Beatrice Norz

      did you get this bird from sly parrot in vegas

    • Creative Genius

      he looks like he's just puffing up. expressing dominance. if his crop was that bad he'd show other signs. bird is way to beautiful.

    • Rowdy Morse

      I love at :49 he drops one (or number to I should say) and immediately chuckles about it.

    • smoky3girl

      Second he still awesome

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