6 replies to "Trello Talks and Plays with Dad (Talking Green Cheek Conure)"

    • jgp2

      8 mins of nothing! People talked more than bird! Boring!

    • Reee R

      Trello is so sweet! ❤️

    • Marley

      I Love Trello, So Precious!!!
      from Missouri

    • brittany crego

      So cute! My green cheek is finally picking up more words, but he's not as clear as Trello.

    • Baltimore Buckaroo

      Good to hear Trello contagious laugh. Thank you for your excellent podcast and have a wonderful weekend

    • Carol Hartley

      Hi, Trello and human flock! He is so much like Jake, my gcc! Good times!👍♥️p.s., nice to see Trello thriving!👍

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