Mom put on Christmas music and Trello started singing to it. Since he was being social, Mom decided to record it.

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    25 replies to "Trello Talks to Mom (Green Cheek Conure)"


      Oh what the hell i didn't know green cheeks could speak😱 let alone speak this clearly?? whaat 👀

    • S J

      You want a treat? LOL…Projection at its best!!!😅 How cute is that??? 💚🦜💚

    • Tianna Schwindel

      This is adorable! My conure only says yeah, her name (Millie), the B-word, and her newest one last night, she said "fuk you" to my little brother last night when he woke her up. She is a hoot.

    • ria

      that looks like a pineapple conure! not a green cheek

    • Mala Harrilal

      I think he wants you to pick him up

    • Jennifer Bridgman

      He wants to be picked up and off his cage

    • Emalee _JesusSaves!

      JESUS IS COMING EVERYONE! Pls repent and turn to Jesus! Deny ur self, take up ur Cross and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ! Pls ask God to help u live in His Will and be baptized in Jesus Name with water and the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name!✝️❤️ Much Love through Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour!

    • Syuzanna Zardaryan

      Its a boy or girl?

    • Will

      I taught my Conure to do the “cat call” whistle. He does it all the time it’s so cute. Waiting on him to start taking. They are so smart

    • hello world

      I have a one month old pineapple conure, the little bird sleeps on it's back, so funny to watch..

    • mynamegoeshere

      Please replace the dowel perches. It can give them arthritis and foot sores

    • masterkee XD

      you NEED to get natural wood perches for the cage the ones you have can give the bird arthritis

    • NMRowdy

      My daughter's conure demands watching an anime show called, "One Piece." If they put something else on he screeches until they shut off the TV. When he is quiet they turn it back on. He turns his back to the TV and refuses to watch. It is hilarious.

    • Green cheek Conure

      I mean green

    • Green cheek Conure

      Aww so cute a also have a careen cheek coure and mine also says yes

    • Tortols

      All my bird says is “peekaboo and Coco” it’s adorable

    • BrianVeliz

      Guys , they are selling one of those parrots at a pet shop near me, she/he is only 3 months and has never had an owner but some how you can pet it and if you call it , it will go to you. I just can’t afford it becaue it’s 585$ it has been at the pet shop for like a month now, nobody gets her because is too expensive. If someone would like to get it pls let me know, again she/he is super hand teamed I got videos and everything from the pet shop, it made me feel bad that she wants a home but nobody gets her because is too expensive. I am in miami Fl. If anybody wants info reply to this comment and I will send you the address of the pet shop thanks

    • Penni

      Oh my goodness he is so cute❣
      My conures love those same treats. I buy so many packs of those off Amazon lol.

    • Mr. AWD

      Please let your parrots fly):

    • SirRandomGuy[RG]

      When a conure bops its head it means it wants to play

    • Mary Ellen Thompson

      He’s so cute!

    • TigerDragonGrrl

      Every time I watch a Trello video, my heart melts. That feather baby is precious.

    • Doctor Sex

      he wants on your hand!

    • Sarah Delaney

      I hope you have natural perches now. The perches you have are terrible for birds feet and can cause lots of damage and arthritis

    • angelina zarco

      I have a green cheek conure ❤️ I’ve learn a lot about my birdie body language but it’s this one I’m not too sure about… my conure does this thing where he stretches his neck out and does this bowing type of motion ?? like what is that? lol

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