Tui my African Grey Parrot shows an understanding of the words and tone used to express them when she has a tantrum and unleashes a verbal bashing. This was the first and only time she did this, and you will see I made a bird talking training mistake of not ignoring it. I should have not given positive reinforcement but I was surprised she had heard and learnt how to yell and scream

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    • Stop Sign

      Look it’s peanuts! Wooaaaw! How’s that? Haahahaha!! And start counting the
      nuts.. lmao! turns the camera, what you doing? SHUT UP !!! HAHAHA !!!

    • Barbara M

      Sounds like this bird has been yelled at far too often. I don’t like

    • Sharon Aur

      Personally I don’t think hes being cruel to the parrot, they have to be
      disciplined otherwise they would cause havoc, you have to know about them
      before getting one to know how to deal with certain situations with them.
      Maybe he did put her in the cage for a short time at 2.14 ?? to put her in
      her place ? Notice how the parrot does say at the very end “what a good

    • TwinSomething

      “Woah…How’s that” The greatest thing I’ve ever heard from a parrot.

    • Cynthia Read

      Oh my god…it was even funnier the second time

    • Anna Brittain

      “What are you doing”
      “I told you…”
      “SHUT UP” haha 

    • Amy Nickerson

      I think this is the bird that was taken outside and flew away ..that makes
      me sooo sad

    • Ismael Rodriguez
    • 54capullo

      That’s just the parrot talking. He repeats what people say. But this
      Australian guy sounds very aggressive and mean. He is very mean to his

    • FerrariGuto21


    • Adam Lee

      it sounds like he is very active with the bird. They are amazing birds!

    • Handsome_Hero

      This Australian guy sounds violent ;o

    • rick slau

      Yall talk about bird abuse lol Lets sit some of the kids of the anger raged
      parents down….ask them what happens if they squeal?

    • Anne Haight

      I love the “lower volume” gesture with the foot at 1:08. Brilliant birds.

    • Deborah Cheetham

      I hate the sound of my voice especially when i’m nagging. Wouldn’t want it
      coming back to bite me on the ass! Lol

    • Nature Photobook

      I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! Bird Throws Temper Tantrum And Argues With Dad
      Before Asking For A Kiss!

      Please Follow : +Interesting Videos 

    • James Brown

      What’s amazing is that the bird sounds like it’s owner. Not only did it
      repeat the words, but duplicated his voice !!!

    • Moksha Mann

      It don’t understand anything… it just repeating what have been taught to
      it. Like a recorder

    • MDShumboldt

      One does not simply tell a parrot to shut up

    • ara macao

      Squealing and whistling are normal vocalizations and parts of a parrot’s
      communication. It’s not reasonable to expect her to stop.

    • WolfWhite70

      I love Tui <3

    • Joe Vaughan

      Is Tui still around? 

    • jacobs2419

      “I’ll kick your ass” “I’ll kick yours” lol!

    • PaganVoodooGypsy

      I love her!!!

    • jo march

      Lol I was laughing so bad

      PARROT: what are you doing? SHUT UP!!! I’ll kick your ass!!! Shtop it!!!
      Can I have a kiss???

      OWNER: I’m drinking tea…


      OWNER: I’ll kick yours!!! XD LMAO

    • Micky S

      I want one so bad but can not afford it :-(

    • CptnEldritch

      “shut up!”
      “I did!”
      XD haha

    • Diamond Renee

      I find this scary…

    • Whitney Winter

      This is adorable. Im sure she’ll never actually stop because they LOVE
      making noises to annoy the humans but its so cute when she tells you to
      shut up.

    • amionutube

      The bloke treats his bird like it knows manners and what he himself is
      saying, birds mimic, that doesn’t mean he knows saying Be Quiet or Shut Up
      has meaning.

    • Mercenary Tao

      hahahah that is on e funny parrot.

    • Ara Archer

      How old was Tui when the video was filmed?

    • mike more

      This bird knows how to insult

    • Mike Mikeloson

      “what are u doing?” i am.. “SHUT UP”

    • Mariah Edmonds

      Gosh he’s my favorite bird

    • strangelynormal2

      One of the funniest birds on Youtube

    • Hunter Feggans

      2:49 Wooow! How’s that?

    • Luke Embling

      This parrots more human than most news reporters.

      *Camera shakes”
      What ya doing?
      What ya doing?
      What ya doing?

    • Leslie Jude

      LOL!! I love my Greys!!

    • Ali Ahmed

      i’ll kick ur ass

    • Naim Arrak

      How old is he

    • ccla7247

      Okay well that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Leslie Ip

      this is faker than your mother’s tits

    • tieetop

      The owner sounds like Michael Caine.

    • Mommyand Baby

      This is my favorite video on youtube. I probably watch it at least once a
      day, and it always make me laugh. =) 

    • Miriam Lepre
    • zip0v

      That parrot is in for a whoopin!

    • Sean Mckenna

      can i have a hug /a hug / yes a hug

    • Char Turner
    • Denise Assis

      Oh my gosh I’m laughting out loud! so cute and smart! so funny how she says

      “Shhhhut up”

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