This is a song I recently decided I liked and Tui learned to join in as well in the chorus. There is a funny Stop smoking warning from her as well as she coughs and says to stop smoking. If I could only get her to promote my Hypnosis website for the Stop Smoking Session

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    • Chris Weber

      I am so sorry to hear that Tiu is no longer in your care and you had such
      an unfortunate accident with her. I am sure she lives on in your heart and
      possibly in someone elses care these days. Are you back in New Zealand? I
      really wished you could reply to some of your fans questions. Take care.ο»Ώ

    • Romany Joseph

      My Beautiful African Grey just passed away a few days ago and I am so sad
      and hurt it all happened so fast I loved him with all my heart and soul :(ο»Ώ

    • Dave Cunningham

      I added this to favourites.ο»Ώ

    • Kai Kaczmarski

      “HALLOOOYA– shit.”

    • xxxxxdropdeadxxxxx

      i am a tui fan! πŸ˜› i love her so much she is soo sweet!! i was soo sad when
      i heard she went missing! :[ did you ever get any news? im really sorry i
      so hope you find her one day!!

    • mangolefty

      Tui rocks! what a cool little friend you have!!!!!

    • Therapist1972

      What a cutie! I love this bird so much!

    • m04na

      Parrot with a kiwi accent…sweet

    • Samantha Dale

      well thats because she is his best friend sure they had their ups and downs
      but thats whats happends in a friendship i bet tui would cry if she could
      losing him like that i just cant stop crying

    • FUMFR

      She’s SO sweet!!! I just LOVE her!!! πŸ˜‰ Hugs, Health, Happiness & Love,

    • Madoneonly

      that was sooo cute ^_^

    • yvahich

      Yes Tui was incredible. I have seen all of your videos. I can imagine you
      felt like losing your best friend. But there are more tui’s waiting for an
      owner like you πŸ˜€ Tui was sweet but you were sweet to her too πŸ˜‰

    • Danielle Collins

      That is so cute

    • Cynthia D

      So sweet …. I am currently trying to teach my Timneh to dance and enjoy
      music .. KaNicki Just turned 1 year old a couple weeks ago and says so much
      I am blown away I have vidoes on here as well . I subscribed awhile back
      but so enjoy all your videos

    • cheree4life

      lol the first time she said “halleluja…shit..”

    • Elham Madani

      oh,,my gush,,,she loves to talk…hope she is alive and some day the finder
      will return her back…please God,return her back back to her best friend..
      i lost my grey 3 times,,but last time noone return her back,,or may
      be…?still i am thinking about her most days.buddy,,i know how hard it is
      ,,but if you get another one,,may be you will feel better.

    • aoffor12

      Hahhaha thats adorable πŸ˜€ shes amazing πŸ™‚

    • joefirstclass

      post the last known whereabouts already! even 2 years later,who would
      forget finding a parrot sitting of the top of their roof? you may refresh
      someones memory! put the EXACT STATE,TOWN AND ADDRESS!

    • Marvin Flop

      so sad

    • suzibird

      Hallelujah…to YOU, Tui girl!!! How’d you know my fav Leonard song?!!
      Fabulous! Can I get a kiss??

    • melody lapier

      what a beautiful bird. so sorry Tui’s gone. I know you could never replace
      her, but you seem to have a real knack for working with these birds, it
      would really be a shame if you didn’t get another. bless you and thank you
      for sharing your friend.

    • TorstenG37

      Super grins

    • hayhoes

      hahahaha i love tui! Glad to be the first one to comment & view, we need
      more tui though!

    • chihuahuabulldog

      What a wonderfully clever little parrot!

    • luckygirlmo

      Go Tui! Nice singing voice.

    • Alex26793

      Tui is a Funny parrot and her Singing is Very Good and she is a good Girl

    • wcthesecret

      …do parrots copy the voices of other people, because that’s not a
      feminine voice.

    • Fiona Caldarevic

      What a classic. I’ve been getting tired of hearing this song all the time
      but this Tui version is the best! Love the anti-smoking messages in the
      middle πŸ™‚

    • lillypill

      i love that the bird has picked up your accent … my friend has an african
      grey and that has adopted her english accent too i love it! sooo clever

    • mohamad azwan

      talking african grey parrots willing to give them out for adoption to good
      homes. they are 24 months old and very playful. i will be sending them
      along with their 1 meter square steal cage toys and all papers. contact –

    • ejp78

      That is so cool! I love your bird ^_^

    • alwayskeepthefaith

      gorgeous as always πŸ™‚

    • RedRavenX

      Haha I love she she tries to say Halleluga and messed up and then goes,

    • Shadowriver

      Don’t youuuuu… dooooooooo

    • hldawson3

      a bird with an accent…to

    • Janfromboone

      Tui is the best!!! Love you bird.

    • Neo Quello

      but she NEVER stops talking… NEVER.. !!

    • iOwnDaWorld

      i heard God gosh oh gosh shut up that’s crap and hallelujah

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