This was taken the day I lost Tui, it was intended for my Home DVD for family to show how I never got a moment’s peace with a talking parrot around. This situation is a typical off camera moment for us

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    • captmicha

      How did you lose her? Was it “free flying”? I’m so sick of the idiots who
      go around promoting this. Too bad people have to learn the hard way that
      it’s not a great idea.

    • superskiez

      it’s not really a two way conversation… But i feel sorry for your loss.
      Hope you will be together again.

    • tinkerdog

      I hope Tui will come back to you soon !

    • countrygal0831

      I miss this awesome bird!! I’m sure it would get old listening to this for
      hours, but so cool to watch it on here!!

    • 8945eclipse

      I tried making a comment idk if it worked- I saw another you tube video
      that I think is Tui w new people…

    • theseskiebeast1

      I hope you find tui 🙁

    • alwayskeepthefaith

      im glad you decided to share this. brian never usually shows interest in
      the other birds on youtube, but today he came for a closer look. we miss
      you too tui. good luck with your ventures andrew, keep in touch. beccy and
      bri xxx

    • greybirdy

      Tui is dearly missed, the story breaks my heart

    • Jacqueline Holloway

      Andrew, This is just precious. You know I check 3 times a day to see when
      Tui returns. I miss her SO much. She just has to come home soon. Jacqueline

    • azlaa

      hey how did u lose her? by the way shes really cute =]

    • hazonku

      Oh noooo! I really hope she comes back home! as weird as it sounds, maybe
      play a recording of yourself talking out on your porch for a day or two.

    • azlaa

      aww sad story ToT

    • 8945eclipse

      Everyone that knows Tui’s vocalizations, please look up on here “amazing
      parrot english accent” and there is another person that posts on here, that
      has a bird named “kiwi” that I think is actually Tui!!! She growls and says
      “are you work”…what do you think?!

    • joefirstclass

      post tui’s last known exact location she may have been found and the new
      owner would have no idea who she belonged to without you posting the
      info.Think of how many views your videos have gotten and still get.there is
      a chnace someone may actually have her now and see this information.Edit
      each of your video header/information sections with the info!

    • Maria Drummond

      I just recently found your videos and then just read that you lost Tui. I
      have an AFrican Grey and just reading about your loss made me break into an
      uncontrollable cry. May I ask what happened since she seems so healthy int
      his picture that you said was taken the same day? Thank you. Maria

    • Lisa Conner

      Oh Andrew, I’m so sorry to see that Tui hasn’t come back or been found yet
      (that you know of). Have you thought about making a video asking to give
      her back if found? I’m so sorry for your loss. Lisa (Mrsbigbird)

    • Fleabitten62

      Im sooo very sorry! My heart goes out to you.

    • tonsofpun

      wio+ +4+–1–kajnaj+#-®^$=~~_X-(X-(;-)

    • ckhs16

      “Ring the bell” “Ring the Bell” “I’m busy” “Ring the Bell” “I’m Busy!!” XD
      And I’m sorry you lost Tui.

    • Jamie Fry

      you still havent found her? aww. noone will ever for get her.

    • Alkhashti75

      Sorry for your loss

    • twistercraze

      sorry to hear about Tui very really is very sad

    • Madoneonly

      how long has tui been missing?

    • Neo Quello

      hey andrew.. what do u mean u lost her???

    • beckaheck

      Amazing! Tui doesn’t just repeat phrases. How did you teach him to
      distinguish pronouns? When you asked, “Where am I?” Tui answered “There You
      Are!” Incredible!

    • hcortez242

      Very talkative parrot its cute nad funny….. it is very intelligent… but
      that part when it said oh shit was funny/hilarious. I love your african grey

    • slashingraven

      “Are you listening?” “Cheese!”

    • GrumpyGrebo

      @8945eclipse When she says “kiwi” it sounds more like “tui” to be honest,
      just a coincidence though

    • JorunnFaroe

      “Are you listening!!?!?!” ….”cheese…”

    • Amy4Birds

      I was also hoping it was a video of Tui’s return. How I wish you could get
      her back. I think of you both often.

    • werecatgirl

      Lol!! I love how you can have convos with Greys 😀 I like her toy hanging
      for the ceiling too

    • 21ReDRuM12

      . . That is awful to hear, Tui was such a funny, cute Grey, but, I am just
      hoping you will be riunited soon! And hopefully she is happy where she is.

    • Oviiktiiig

      wheres tui? miss him and he’s amazing videos 🙁

    • MsSSnow

      Darling just a suggestion. The number tag on her leg. Make a video of what
      those numbers are so if someone find her they can check her number to know
      its her.

    • marcy beth

      omg what happened to your baby????????

    • crazybarber1986

      shit man im so sorry mate

    • tanrat7

      thats why its good to have their wings clipped, of course by an animal
      doctor so you dont lose them

    • bugsinrug

      Oh, I am so sorry that you lost Tui. I just found your channel and was so
      enjoying your vids. I pray for her safe return. hugs, Chris

    • MissyMatchedSocks

      I like her when she rang the bell on the top of the twisty rope.

    • parrotletparrots

      This is my most favorite video of Tui! Absolutely adorable. I hope that she
      is doing good wherever she is now. I miss her videos, and I know you miss
      her terribly! Anyone can see how great of a companion she was to you..

    • Labyrinth143

      My african grey says “oh shit!” and “quiet” too… And plus “what the hell?”

    • dammitnemme

      Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us, Andrew.

    • GreeboSanders

      “Ring the bell! Ring the bell!” “I’m busy!” “Are you ready?” “No!” “Shit.”

    • hayhoes

      Thanks andrew, just because you are cleaning dos’nt mean we don’t want to
      see it. I hope you keep posting any videos you have of tui, we love them!!!
      Keep looking for him!

    • Cynthia LaChester

      Have you ever found Tui? I just you two together! My heart goes out to
      you!! (((HUGS))) Cindy USA

    • pinkbunnygal

      fantastic parrot what a shame to you both, i have an african grey and ive
      put his videos on here as all memories are so precious x

    • Vicky A

      Very sweet

    • Linda Gall


    • MissyMatchedSocks

      She better watch her mouth cuz I heard her said,”OH SHIT”

    • Gracie05452

      I’m really, really sorry for your loss. 🙁

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