Tui my grey parrot never really stops talking, The following is just 10 min’s of her the talking parrot bird, having a conversation with herself in her cage while I was out.

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    • Deb B

      Teach your bird to say your name or permanent email and associate it with
      one of his favorite foods. Mine likes cheez-its. I taught him to say my
      name whenever I gave him a cheezit. Hopefully if he ever gets lost, someone
      will give him a cheez it or he will ask for a cheezit by telling them my
      name. It’s hard to get the to learn stuff like that, took me a while. but
      you can do it. It may save your birds life. 

    • Thehellman131

      he only puts her in a cage if she squels to much. in this case she did.

    • Elissa H

      Finally, a new video! I was missing Tui’s antics 🙂

    • Matto146

      in case it gets through a window or some one comes through the door

    • PiMpSt3r619

      Since its a pet..Why do u need to keep it int he cage?

    • carryondanceing

      hi iv got my new amazon and i love her to bits shes already talking lol but
      tui is gorgouse x x

    • jabbabird

      LOL Jabba LOVES music. He starts dancing and just doesn’t know which part
      of his body he wants to move first. I can’t wait to see Tui dancing!

    • MarvConner

      Great Bird

    • Kristina Stockton

      ow! ow! OW! OW! :)) What an awesome bird. You’re doing a great job in
      training her.

    • kat johnson

      its funny how tui is really patient and polite int he cage.. animals are
      really smart. my bird does tricks so i will open his cage in the morning

    • Maricela Rubio

      what a cutie! tui is great, andrew call me, you know my number if i don’t
      answer live a messege. you trained Tui very good.

    • Lisa Conner

      I just love listening to Tui! She cracks me up.

    • weezytheweirdo

      does she ever stop talking? I love Tui!

    • widviewer parrot

      at what age do african greys start talking

    • RareAirSupply

      watch the other videos of tui… it seems to be a genuine partner for a
      little chat…

    • AwesomePets

      I want a grey too. I subbed.

    • RosElisabeth

      I love how birds pick up on their owners accent ^__^

    • jane treadway

      is that all you can say?! just kidding tui, you’re hardcase!

    • congaboris

      Beautiful Bird!! I love her kiwi accent. Just gorgeous.

    • tantrumgoddess

      i cant get enough of your tui girl. lots of love for her from me

    • M. Dempsey

      lol, she even has your accent!

    • kat johnson

      i also give tui props cause i never shut up either.. lol.. but im texan ..
      its genetic

    • cosievee

      LOL Thanks for the new video! My boyfriend and I love listening to Tui. I
      hope you know that halfway across the world in the States the two of us
      have running jokes between us of saying “shhhure” and whispering “shhh,
      quiet”. 🙂

    • hayhoes

      I LOVE TUI god, been waiting a while for this 1….. more more !! ( make
      one were she sings its supper funny)

    • Neo Quello

      does she know what she’s saying… what it all means.. or does she just
      repeat and keep talking random

    • gl0wsticks

      Ow.. Ow… Oww.. I lol’d there, xD

    • kamakazigirl

      Oh my goodness! She IS SUCH A SWEETHEART! I love her “got-ch-ya’s”.

    • marcusmalmros

      hey can talk almost when they are born. ok like a couple of months. i got
      one he is 26 years he can say many stuff… and dance

    • alwayskeepthefaith

      lookin’ gorgeous as always tui! and yes, where is daddy? i haven’t spoken
      to him in ages either… nice to see a new vid =) beccy and brian xxx

    • jabbabird

      My Jabba does his best talking in his cage too! He talks to himself all the
      time. He makes wonderful company. Tui must do the same for you!

    • Canookie Baker

      she sounds just like you Andrew…Kiwi accent and all LOL! I just adore
      this bird..wish I lived closer so I could visit her 🙂

    • lwebbles

      I love your bird Andrew. She’ll be an inspiration to me when I am training
      the CAG I’ll be getting in a few days. Awesome video.

    • 8945eclipse

      Everyone that knows Tui’s vocalizations, please look up on here “amazing
      parrot english accent” and there is another person that posts on here, that
      has a bird named “kiwi” that I think is actually Tui!!! She growls and says
      “are you work”…what do you think?!

    • Rex

      Feel the burn, ferl the burn!

    • Zavier Rodrigo

      lol i love 5:46-5:57 “wat, wats that, you never shit”

    • Malango

      it’s scary how fast they learn I look after one for just a few weeks and he
      picked up everything i said to him with the accent and even tricked me to
      going down stairs to him by copying the telephone! He realised the phone
      ring made people come to him.

    • Zephas z

      good video

    • kskiwi

      I love Jabba dancing, truly puts Tui to shame, so we will work on better
      moves lol. I will put him on the telly for Tui over the next few days

    • M. Dempsey

      Can I have a kiss??? lol!

    • joefirstclass

      please post where tui was lost and be precise even 2 years later she may be
      sitting in a new home and the new owner has no idea where she came from
      unless you put up the information

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