Umbrella Cockatoo Bird Cried When He Tried To Leave??

I love African Grey Parrots and birds in general.

Talking Cockatoo Bird

Full Throttle Cockatoo

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    • Floofy Socks

      That cockatoo sounds like gotcha the cockatoo

    • MidnightAngel

      I think he likes you. If you wanted to get him then be careful as I know you need a license for this type of bird. Plus, cockatoos from what iv'e been told are basically two year olds lol XD

    • Rebecca Anderson

      Aww. He likes you.

    • Nicole Andrews

      Omg! He really wants him! So sweet! That PARROT chose him! That's how it should be!

    • Nicole Andrews

      Lmao! "OH SHIT!" ?? Priceless!

    • 7777LORENZO

      I play that music to my birds too . Did you get him?

    • IWubs

      No you got it all wrong he said "Hi girl"" ?

    • Paula Hamby

      Man he likes you

    • Tinker Bell

      Did you bring him home ???..Louie chose you as his human 🙂

    • cheryl lopez

      Awwwww I want one so bad

    • Lauren Nicole

      where is this pet store! ?

    • Tohru Honda

      I hate all those tiny cages for the other birds. Bird prison. Animal prison is what pet stores and zoos are. I wish I could set my parakeets free into the sky, but they are too domesticated to survive long. I try to give them 'free time' out of their enclosure/cage at nite. I built one 8ft hx4ft wx4 ftd for my parakeets/budgies. It's better than the tiny cages that are sold for them in inhumane pet stores.

    • Mohamed Khalifa

      Yeeee please go back and get l don't know how to spell Luy

    • Mohamed Khalifa

      Awwww he fall in love with you ?

    • bri Fox

      I hope you have him

    • ilovebrean

      aww he’s adorable

    • Kent Arnold

      One of my funniest stories about large birds was I was picking up some food for a pet and they had a big one out. Parrot or Cockatoo. Not sure truth be told. So I handled him, letting him hop up on my shoulder. Then it was time to go. I put him back on his perch and he immediately flies back up to my shoulder. I put him back, onto the other shoulder. After 3-4 attempts I walk up to the front clerk and say the bird seems attached. They don't believe me, until they took the bird and he immediately went for my shoulder. They had to hold him as I left. A shame really, he was a sweetheart. But at the time there was no way I could have afforded him.

    • Wendy Winn

      Waoooo….he tried let you know, he wanted to go home with you!!!!

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