6 replies to "Valor blue-crowned conure showering and talking"

    • pixxa37

      He's adorable! My boy is not very keen on water, but the way you set it up is very safe, I'll try something similar

    • ler fugl

      the sweetest conure video I have ever seen. i have watched it 10 times. love the "thank you" at the end. I am thinking of getting a blue crown over a Jenday after seeing get sweet Valor

    • Thundafoot Rykcek

      wow, i have a blue-crown conure that my dad has had for about 30 years. she acts the same way!

    • Curves & Confidence

      Oh my goodness!! I love this so much! "That feels good" hehehe such a sweetheart! I cannot wait to get my baby!!! I just paid my deposit and he will be shipped to my house on New Years ????

    • Craig Manning

      I miss 'verde bird', my blue crowned. I used to take him into the shower with me, put him on the soap holder and he(or she) went crazy. Loved it. RIP, had him for 28 years.

    • Syrena Webb

      what an adorable sweetheart! blue crowns are so pretty.

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