Just pebble and I burning up an afternoon chatting it up.

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    • Levy Ackerman

      does she know how to fly?

    • Mashrura Sharmin Waresi

      How old is she?

    • Sharon Bill

      you two are the cutest!! ❤❤

    • Fiona Denison-Barnett Cale

      I heard "road trip" just before you sang your "Turkey song". X

    • Julie Ivie

      kisses back

    • Julie Ivie

      Hi thanks for the video how old is Pepples?;and how long have you had her please and thankyou dahrling Kelley. Have a blessed day!! YaYa

    • judy McMullen

      you are good looking !! and so is your cockatoo


      pebble was well behaved today….I saw her 2 days ago , and boy,she was pissed off.
      Cheers from France guys ?

    • Elizabeth Brower

      VWs and double cheeseburgers!

    • Tom Graves

      from t Graves.. I miss u both ,,

    • Tom Graves

      from t Graves.. I miss u both ,,

    • sam7748

      Does that Pebble ever get tired of talking 🙂

    • AJ

      Pebbles, is a real character

    • cantwebecivil

      "Your lips aren't even moving, Turkey, how do you make those noises?" LOL! to funny!

    • cfjackie46

      Pebble I have a girlfriend who I thought talked a lot, then I found you, XXX

    • Billy Blueballs

      You guys are such besties! So nice to watch.

    • anne white

      Finally. I'm in heaven.

    • poppykok5

      ADORABLE Pebble…You're like the naughty older cousin who tells "off-color" jokes and says "bad words," but everyone just LOVES… :)))
      Seriously, as a major animal lover with an extra soft spot for Parrots, I hold "Saskatoon Parrot Rescue" near & dear to my heart…Thank You for your loving spirits & dedication to these beautifully majestic creatures…

    • Betsy B

      You two are such great friends. Love watching you with her.

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