Some ramblings of our African Grey named Whiskey who thinks she is a pirate, but she loves you and wants to kiss a lot and barks on occasion…enjoy ­čśë

She’s about 15 months old in the video.

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    • Hev Bert

      Haha I love whiskey! The expression on whiskeys face when he gets laughed
      at LOL´╗┐

    • Karla Larsson

      Love your video, especially when she says “I’m a pirate, grrrr!” I shared
      this today on Frostie the Dancing Cockatoo’s Facebook page. Thanks for
      uploading. Karla ´╗┐

    • Lars J├Ânlid

      roof, roof, my second dog imitation !´╗┐

    • todor92

      hahah this video makes me laugh! Amazing bird!´╗┐

    • Dee Jay

      “Gimme a kiss *kiss*”
      hah! Love your bird!!´╗┐

    • cindy chang

      how and why he know how to talk?´╗┐

    • Emily Crisp

      I have a African grey his name is max short for Maxwell´╗┐

    • sunmaidliz

      It’s all fun and games until they take a shit on your shoulder´╗┐

    • Brandon Boogers

      I love birds, but I’ve never had a curve-bill, how are they?´╗┐

    • Crimson Blade

      I have one named Harley, he is funniest bird I have ever met and I am never
      bored with this bird in my house. ´╗┐

    • Trondoc

      We have had out African Grey since she was 5 weeks old. She is now 24 years
      old. She continues to lear new words nearly every day and her vocabulary is
      unbelieveable. You have years of joy ahead of you.´╗┐

    • Aya Aqqad

      I think you should let a vet see her because her beak is shelled and that’s
      not healthy
      she’s so sweet´╗┐

    • missmiuaw

      Absolutely hilarious… he is gorgeous and so funny. Vuf-vuf and you hear
      the poor dog come running in the background…lol. How many times a day do
      the dog fall for that?´╗┐

    • Nathan Carver


    • mariocpgh

      I can’t wait until I can have my own. So awesome. ´╗┐

    • Lass-in Angeles

      Ha, ha, ha!! What a lovely bird!! Very entertaining one bird show.´╗┐

    • Two-Dog James


    • bethany Mugg

      this video is awesome. whiskey is so cute and a very good talker.
      i might get an african grey soon…i am wondering if there is anything to
      know about them and i’m wondering if anyone knows anything about them..´╗┐

    • Nicolas Szenczi

      Where do you by the bird?´╗┐

    • Yugioh Legion

      Awesome boy´╗┐

    • Mr3Kidneys

      “Wanna smoke me out?” Ahhhhahaha!´╗┐

    • strangelynormal2

      awww.. give’m a kiss already :-)´╗┐

    • Rah Startton

      That’s incredible ´╗┐

    • dannyi232

      Omg!!!! He sounds just like my african but a man version haha ´╗┐

    • mario brito


    • Liam Brown

      Is the owner named Phillip?´╗┐

    • David Cameron

      these parrots remind me of insane people´╗┐

    • emma maleknia

      i have one of these !!!!! mines called junior´╗┐

    • Vinh Thanh Mach

      this bird so smart !´╗┐

    • Kalle kanalen

      Are not all pirates? Our Kalle is certainley a real bully.´╗┐

    • robertbrandyjohnson

      My grey tried to eat my phone while watching this lol´╗┐

    • derek b.

      I LOVE IT! hahaha´╗┐

    • shortandstylish

      awwww bless :)´╗┐

    • Marine Inspection

      Haha awsome. I have an African Grey named Moonshine that talks a lot too. ´╗┐

    • RE:Think

      thats amazing´╗┐

    • hersheebaby18

      Oups got her. Sorry´╗┐

    • hersheebaby18

      Omg ADORABLE!! DI’d you get him while hecwss a baby?´╗┐

    • Kiara Vega

      That’s cute!´╗┐

    • keith allison

      I have my own african grey parrots and i think, putting up my own video
      won’t be a bad idea right? Interested in African grey parrots???
      Call/text:(408) 713-4216 or email:keithallison49 at gmail dot com´╗┐

    • Metatheist

      could at least teach him to say funny things.. *sigh* that was just awkward´╗┐

    • yvonneost12

      how old is your grey ? mine is 29 weeks now and has said hello clearly
      since 9 weeks old , he now wolf whistles , kiss noises but doesn’t want to
      bother saying much else at the moment. Just causes havoc in my house
      getting up to mischief LOL´╗┐

    • gabigowriel

      wtf?! This bird is amazing!
      And its lifespan is about 50 years?!
      A true life companion!´╗┐

    • Poop .Stink

      Ruff ruff, ruff ruff´╗┐

    • Ilma Afzal

      So cute! I have 3 African grey parrots

    • Katie

      I was handling one of these today, it couldn’t talk yet though because it
      was only 12 weeks old but it was so cute and kept biting my fingers haha

    • Allison Collins

      African Gray Parrots are so much fun. Mine died 2 weeks ago):

    • Kenai C

      Omg soo awesome. i want to teach my male parakeet to talk

    • AnneLien1987

      Love the name ‘whiskey’ ­čÖé

    • TheClaireWitchProject

      I’ve never seen an African Grey pirate before! ­čśÇ

    • Hopesasha

      Does that grey have only ONE leg?!!!?

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