Hey everyone! In this video I’m going to go over why I chose my Green Cheek Conure and never will buy another again! You guys know I love my Yoshikens, but I decided to make this video to not only wish Happy Birthday to my beautiful GCC, but to also give you guys some insight as to what life with Yoshi is like.

Although Yoshi seems like a pretty awesome bird in all my videos (he truly is tho ;)) there are a few cons so to speak that people may find annoying. The last thing I would want to do is encourage everyone with the way Yoshi and I are in our videos, to go out and purchase a GCC (or any type of bird for that matter) without knowing the truth and all the work that goes in with taking care of him.

This video is describing my experiences so please also don’t let this steer you away from GCCs either. This was meant to be informative and to let you guys know a little bit that happens with Yoshi off camera.

Yoshi is a fantastic bird but a lot of work goes in to developing the bond we have now. It took many months for him to warm up to me and trust me to even hold him. He can be somewhat nippy at times and especially with people he doesn’t know.

Birds in general are also very VERY messy no matter what the size of the bird is. Although Yoshi is a relatively small bird, he is quite the messy boy!

Some things that helped me decide a bird was to sit down and take a look at my lifestyle. Different birds need different amounts of attention and care. Literally every single species is different!

I hope you guys enjoy the video and lets you know more about Yoshi and I πŸ™‚ If you have any questions whatsoever definitely ask in the comments. I will be more than happy to answer them the best I can πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a fantastic week and don’t forget to wish Yoshi a happy 1st birthday!!!!!

*Disclaimer: All opinions in today’s video are my own! I will always state when a video is sponsored and when I partner with a brand. I do earn a small commission when my code and some links are used. Thank you for your support!

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    14 replies to "Why I Chose a Green Cheek Conure and Never Will Again"

    • tyler maracle

      Id wifey her right fast lol

    • Melissa Kennedy

      This made me sad

    • The Wishmaster

      Don't clip the wings. Just saw them off.

    • The Wishmaster

      Just enclose his cage with Plexiglass and he can fling his food to his heart's content. If that does not work then bring out the blow torch.

    • Blair Hetland

      3 years love my green cheek conure. Best ever pet for me

    • xkingkittyx

      This girl sucks

    • Nigel Perkins

      Hi I've just got a green check conier how low should I keep him in his cage be before letting him out for a fly

    • Digi Scape

      Some green cheeks can be very quiet when in a quiet environment

      Mine is very quiet almost never screams unless he gets over excited which I don’t encourage in him so he stays pretty chill most of the time he’s 9 years old

    • Brent M

      Our Green Cheeks' bites are HARD and she's pierced my ears 3 times (top of the ear – hurts like &*(^(&*!!) and the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger more times than i can count. She's bonded to my wife.

    • zefratek

      I have a pineapple and honestly she is also very nippy as well. I work at home and she is quiet enough to be in the same room

    • J.G. Finch

      Pellets are like oreos into milk lol

    • Kyle Wiggington

      Just got my lil boy Parker today. He has an absolute adorable personality.

    • Cherry Andmax

      After my Amazons I got Fred. A 5 month old green cheek turq. He was well handled and is so sweet. He is wonderful so far with the rest of the family. Your video is scaring me a bit because I'm not having some of the noise, mess, nip, issues. Should I relax or buckle in?

    • Potato Power

      Another example of an adult acting like a child

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