My Mad parrot george swearing and talking, Pet Video

    8 replies to "X-Rated African Grey Parrot George, Swearing and talking to the dog. Caution a lot of swearing."

    • Howard Luebcke

      My African Gray says, What are you looking at homie? Back off crack head.

    • Skippy QSB

      I think it’s time to take the Vinnie Jones collection away from him! lol

    • DevExplosivo

      I want a parrot with a British accent.

    • Erika S

      love the british accent LOL

    • stankwho

      i want a parrot with a british accent lmao

    • annatomical

      He imitates the accent AND the dog barking. Awesome!

    • raizuna

      I want a parrot that talks with an english/british accent haha.

    • Barb leigh

      It makes me laugh to hear a parrot talking with and accent lol

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