She can be for sale send email in message

    26 replies to "Yellow nape Parrot talking"

    • Jeremy Poisson

      Do you still have it and if you do give it to Jane and she loves them! And Ari will have a friend that's her other Bird by the way!

    • flareblitz 207

      Did anyone else come here from jaiden animation

    • dave EPISODES

      It's too cute

    • Legia HD

      Jaiden was here

    • El Diputacio

      A beautiful amazon parrot you've got. I live these birds. I have a handsome blue fronted amazon.

    • Andrew Page

      1 happy little parrot

    • Andrew Page

      Sweet love it

    • Daddy Sisco

      My yellow naped sometimes barks along with my dog.

    • Darmin Axel

      Ok, that's it.. I'm getting my brand new parrot tomorrow. You won YouTube …Bravo with the recommendations

      These things r so silly XD

    • ChinaLake100

      Is she still for sale?

    • s hopkins

      Amazons are amazing!!! And yours is very special. I’m Mom to 4 and they keep us in stitches! They also scare any Workman who comes to our house for the first time when the birds burst into song! When I’m on the phone to a business I’m frequently asked if I work in a Kindergarten 😊 Thanks for your site!

    • David Kalvan

      How could you even think about selling a talented parrot like that…..

    • Blanca Valdez

      My yellow neck female talk alot and when I sings she sings me back " you sing ugly ugly ugly" in Spanish

    • cindy singh

      he is a cutiee pie

    • Sherri Cook

      Love to hear the parrot singing LOL


      Should go to TALENTshows with him/her

    • Cathy T

      One of the best videos ive seen. Super smart and entertaining bird. Its very obvious that the parront spends a LOT of time with her 😀 thanks for sharing

    • Leigh Leigh

      Your feathered baby is beautiful!! Do you have any other videos of her to post? We have a 6yr old double-headed yellow Amazon we bought from a previous owner. Had him for about a month & I've played him many parrots vids, but he responds like crazy to this one only! Tell sweet Emma she's making my George come out of his shell. 😀 You need an Emma Fan Club 😍

    • Silent Adrian

      I got the same bird the yellow nape amazon he is 6 months old

    • LAZ3RUS

      'What's yer problem haaaa? lol

    • LAZ3RUS

      The ladies wicked witch is sooo good and I heard the Parrot do the wicked witch at the very end for just a second. wish he coulda done the witch laugh on repeat!!! I'm addicted to this vid! lol

    • April P.

      My grandmother had one of these when I was growing up, she lived to be 26.

    • Joel Weidenfeld

      I mean really, aside from humans, bird's really like sound about the most …

    • Joel Weidenfeld

      Birds have to FLY

    • Dee Whobewatty

      Oh what a sweetie, I love the opera rendition lol x

    • Paula Hamby

      Real cute I would love to have talking bird

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